Why your company should have a newsletter


Why your company should have a newsletter



Every day, companies are always on the lookout for bettering their craft and connecting better with their customers.

Suppose you might be wondering why this is necessary. We are sure that you have heard the term ‘Customer is King’. It means that you have to treat your buyers with royal respect. Unfortunately, this is impossible if you cannot connect with them.

James once ventured into a business and couldn’t be happier. After all, he was making profits. At this moment, he felt that nothing could go wrong. So, imagine his shock when it seemed like his business had become stagnant after three months. He began to panic and sought advice from fellow business owners.

Everyone told James that he needed to find a way to connect with his customers. It was either he carried this action out personally or sought the help of professional consultants. James felt that they were envious of him and only wanted to stress him, so he did not take their advice.

Sooner than later, we see that he had to shut down this business as keeping it running was in vain.


Apart from James, we see that some people in society tend to frown their faces when anyone mentions having strategies. It has become a thing of concern as people now have a negative conception about having strategies.

Contrary to their thoughts, strategies are nothing bad, especially as you are not harming anyone. Having a strategy is necessary for your business to be a guide or blueprint in running various affairs.

Since the goal is always to outsmart your competitors, then you need to have strategies in place. Else, you will not succeed in the game.

Now, you may be wondering, what could James have done to connect with his customers? What strategies should he have put in place?

Typically, there are many strategies that one can use to connect with their buyers or customers. One of such ways is by having a newsletter, and that is the focus of this article.

In this article, you shall learn about a newsletter and its essence for companies. You will also get to know the elements of a newsletter and how it should be structured.

What is a newsletter?

Since we have already established that having a newsletter is one of the best strategies that any company can employ, we now have to answer the big question, ‘what is a newsletter?’

Allow us to tell you that a newsletter can be anything you want it to be. It could be a physical document or a document sent by email. What is necessary is that it communicates your thoughts to its target audience.

A newsletter is almost like your daily newspaper, as its purpose is to pass information to its target audience. The difference here is that a newsletter does not go out every day.

Through a newsletter, you get to share the latest updates about your company with your customers. Typically, newsletters are sent via email. But, if you decide to do things uniquely, you can try sending it physically. The only constraint would be getting the physical addresses of your customers.

It is usually easier to have a database of your customers’ email addresses than their physical locations in any business. After all, people do not easily want to give out their physical addresses not to compromise their safety.

As an organization, you can choose to send out newsletters bi-weekly, monthly, or even quarterly. What matters is that your newsletter should always contain something exciting whenever it goes out. In addition, it ensures that your customers, who are the target audience, actually read through the newsletter.


It is no news that humans have a fickle attention span. Therefore, you need to ensure that whatever you are sending should be captivating to hold their interests. For example, suppose you decide to always bombard your customers with newsletters that have irrelevant details. In that case, they will stop opening your mail whenever it comes in. sadly, many of them may even unsubscribe from receiving your emails.

So, some instances that preempt a newsletter can be:

  • if there is an upcoming event,
  • if there is a major development change in the business
  • when you have new products

One can also go further and decide to check up on their customers through a newsletter. It could be monthly or quarterly, especially if it is during a challenging period. It shows your customers that you are concerned about their welfare and not only take their money.

Elements of a newsletter

It is one thing to decide to send out a newsletter as an organization. However, it is another thing to do right. After all, whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. Therefore, you need to know the elements that should be present in your newsletter to qualify as a high-quality and standard newsletter.

So, in no particular order, here are things that you need to look out for when you are preparing a newsletter:

  • Brevity: As much as we would advocate storytelling when sending out any content, it is also vital to keep brevity in mind. Yes, you can tell a story or be creative and still keep it simple. Nowadays, we even see people advocating for brevity in anything writing-related.

It is always better for something to be short and pass the necessary information than for it to be long with unnecessary details. Now, keep in mind that your target audience might be busy when they get your email. Therefore, they are reading it with divided attention. If they realize that the mail is long, they won’t bother reading it. Even if they read it, they won’t read it to the end.

  • Something new: As earlier mentioned, your customers always need to learn something new whenever they receive your newsletter. It helps them anticipate the subsequent newsletters. If your target audience realizes that there is nothing important in most of your newsletters, they will ignore anything that comes in from you or your organization.

We need you to understand that you are not limited when giving your audience something new to learn. It may be about the company or abstract life concepts. But ensure that it is engaging and interesting.

  • Call to action (CTA): Now, you need to think of why you are sending your customers a newsletter. Ideally, the answer would be that it is because you want them to do something. If you inform them about a new product, it is not inappropriate to say that you want them to purchase the item(s). So, you always need to include a call to action in your newsletter.

Including a call to action should always end your newsletter. It could be a ‘buy now,’ ‘visit our website,’ ‘register now,’ etc. You will be defeating the purpose of sending out a newsletter if you do not include a call to action.

  • Appealing designs: You may not know, but allow us to tell you that the design of your newsletter could be the deciding factor for your customers to read your newsletter. Therefore, you need appealing and captivating designs. These designs include your brand colors, fonts, and even your brand logo.

Your customers should get an upbeat feeling when they get your newsletter. It shouldn’t look like a page cut out from an 1800s newspaper. Unfortunately, we see that many people do not pay attention to their design elements. These elements are important as they play a huge role that can set you apart from competitors.

  • Contact information: It would not make sense to send out a newsletter without contact information. Many people do not realize that their customers wish to also connect with them, which can be through social media. There is nothing wrong with including your social media handles and website in your newsletter. What if someone who is not familiar with your brand stumbles on the newsletter? How do you expect them to reach out to you? If your contact information is not on your newsletter, then you are doing it wrong.


Types of newsletters

It will not be right to go further with this article without enlightening you on the various types of newsletters. Yes, there are different types of newsletters, depending on your target audience.

There is the general mentality that newsletters are only for your customers. But did you know that you can also send newsletters to your employees?

Here are the types of newsletters:

  • Company Newsletter: It is a type of newsletter that you use to give information to employees. So, one can say that it is the document of updates that a CEO sends to his staff. Such a newsletter can be an announcement of the employee of the month, new staff listing, promotions, upcoming seminars, and much more. It is usually more effective in large organizations where the CEO cannot personally communicate with everyone at once. Therefore, the newsletter becomes his channel of communication. It helps to build relationships and bonds between the employer and the employees.
  • Consumer Newsletter: From the name, we are sure that you can already tell that this type of newsletter is for external use. It is for your consumers, the people who consume or use your products and services. In such a newsletter, you can inform them about a new product launch, give out discount codes and coupons, share helpful blog tips, give updates about new happenings within your organization, share guides on how to use your products and services, and much more. Again, remember that there are no limitations to what you can share in the newsletter you are sending to your customers. But, make it brief and exciting.
  • Organization Newsletter: We would understand if you are keeping a confused face at this type of newsletter. Now, suppose you have information that is useful to both your staff and your customers. You can send a general newsletter, which in this case, is called an organization newsletter. Here, you can provide information that is open to everyone. For example, suppose you run a school. An organization newsletter for a school contains information that is applicable for both parents and children.

Reasons why your company needs a newsletter

Since you now have a general overview of the concept of a newsletter, let us move further and talk about its importance. Yes, it is an important brand strategy and helps the company to connect with its customers. But is that all that a newsletter does?

Below are some of the benefits that a company can enjoy when it has a newsletter

  • To increase sales

The goal of every company is to make sales to get profit and increase their revenue. But what happens when you have customers from all parts of the world who cannot see your product physically? It is where having a newsletter comes to play.

Suppose you are launching a new product. Since it is new, most of your customers are not familiar with the product yet. But when you put this information in your newsletter and send it to them, they begin to familiarize themselves with the product. Then, the familiarization process can lead to sales.

Some school of thought says that sales aim is for people buy things that they may not have considered. But through your newsletter, you have brought awareness to the product, which may trigger their buying factor.

If you send the newsletter to about 200 people, you can be sure that up to 10, if not 20, will consider buying the product. It is why you need to craft your newsletter’s content in a catchy way so that it can compel your customers.

Remember the story of James? People could stop purchasing from him because his competitors sold their products more excitingly and even had newsletters. So, it is always best to outsmart your competitors.

  • To help your customers understand your brand better

This reason is one of the first reasons why any organization will consider sending out newsletters. Since you cannot meet up with your customers, you can reach out to them through your newsletters. This way, you are forming a connection with them.

Recall how we mentioned that you should always include your contact details when sending out a newsletter. So, it would be best if you were not surprised when your customers decide to reach out. Also, it is a way through which customers prove authenticity.

If there are ever misconceptions about your brand, you can clear them through a newsletter. The newsletter is there to help your customers understand your brand better. If you have a website, you can always share some of your blog articles through the newsletter.

The goal is for your newsletter to help you have a tight relationship with your customers, that they even recommend your newsletter to their friends and network. All business owners should never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

People are more prone to buy things when someone in their close circle recommends it to them. Therefore, you can increase your reach when you have a captivating newsletter.

  • Keeping your company top of mind

As an individual, you are sure to come across numerous brands daily. Therefore, it would be unreasonable to expect your customers always to remember your company if you do not keep in touch. So, you need to devise a means that helps you stay in contact with them.

The goal is to build loyalty which comes through top-of-mind awareness. If people always remember your brand first when they want to get something from your industry, you are sure to be on top of your game.

So, you may be wondering, how does a newsletter come to play?

By sending out newsletters, you are indirectly telling the customers to remember you and your services. Some people usually say that out of sight is out of mind. But as a business owner, you do not want this to happen. Therefore, your newsletter comes in as a way of constantly remaining in the faces of your customers.

We usually advise business owners to be shameless about their business. Do not be shy to put yourself out there, as that is the only way people will patronize your services. Thus, you should always send newsletters, especially as you never can tell who will be reading them. It is a way of gaining both new customers and customer loyalty.

  • To learn which products bring in more sales

What is your top-selling product? What product should you pay more attention to since it brings in more customers? You can get answers to these questions when you pay attention to your newsletter analysis.

Yes, you may be confused about how this works. Now, imagine that you always send out newsletters about your various products at the end of every month. In the following week, you see that you will get a higher number of sales than usual. One can say that it is your peak sales period. During this period, what product gets higher orders?

When you can identify the products that get higher orders, you will establish your best-selling products. Now, this does not mean that you should abandon other products. However, you now have a product face of your brand. So, when you are positioning your different product, that specific product will be in the front as your lead product.

Knowing this information lets, you plan your product marketing better, all thanks to having a newsletter.

  • To pass relevant industry information

So, you have a particular niche or industry, and you also know your competitors in that industry. Everyone is selling the same product and service, and you are counting on luck to ensure that you surpass others. But did you know that you can do things differently with a newsletter?


Since the essence of a newsletter is to pass information, why not let people know things that relate to your industry. It is like educating people on the outside on the key things about your industry.

Suppose they have been wondering how your industry is run or have general curiosity. You can feed their curiosity through your newsletter. Once people see that they are learning something new through their affiliation with your brand, they would not want to shift base. Thus, giving you an advantage over your competitors.

It is normal for anyone to easily overlook this angle or think that it is not necessary. But remember that the littlest things always matter. It is the things that seem small that end up playing a huge role.

So, your newsletter becomes a channel that sells your products, connects you with your customers, and also educates them on things happening in your industry. What more could you desire? It plays a role that some channels or mediums cannot offer.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about newsletters

Are newsletters helpful?

Without much thought, we can tell you that newsletters are helpful. Above, we have highlighted the different ways that give newsletters their importance. Some people may think that newsletters are outdated, but that is false thinking as newsletters are still relevant.

When you introduce the concept of newsletters into your organization, you will notice a drastic positive influence.

What is a newsletter service?

The world keeps growing, and technology keeps making things easier and betters. A newsletter service refers to those platforms that help you with sending newsletters to your customers.

Instead of going the manual way of sending the emails, these platforms give you automated services. For example, MailChimp is one of those platforms that serve as a newsletter service. However, we cannot go into details about a newsletter service as it is not the focus of this article.



Seeing, they say, is believing. Therefore, we would not be recommending that your company infuses the use of newsletters if we have not seen its effectiveness.

If your organization does not have a newsletter, start the preparation to have one now! Ensure that you follow the guidelines we have listed above, and you will be glad that you did.

Now, conquer and take charge in your business industry!

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