What is iRecharge: Everything you Need to Know about iRecharge

What is iRecharge: Everything you Need to Know about iRecharge

iRecharge is a platform for the payment of bills that offers streamlined financial solutions as well as access to regularly used services such as airtime, internet, electricity, pay cable television, sports betting, ticketing, and other virtual services.

To better serve our customers, we combine several service providers, including telecommunications companies, record labels, and others. Our Goal Is to Make Everything as Easy as Possible to Access and Use.

iRecharge has developed innovative approaches to making payments on bills in order to streamline the process, drawing on the knowledge and comments accumulated over the course of its existence.

Keeping this in mind, we have developed a new function that gives people the ability to match the number of their meter or their Decoder Smart card with the number of their bank account.

The consumer will get immediate value along with an SMS receipt when the purchase value has been successfully transferred to the designated account number.

How do I Use iRecharge?

You just need to put money into the bank account of the particular utility in order to use iRecharge. In exchange for the money you provide, you will get value in the form of units or tokens, as well as renewed cable TV subscriptions. There is a total time investment of less than one minute.

How do I become an iRecharge agent?

Visit www.irecharge.ng, send an email to support@irecharge.com.ng, or contact customer service at 09030009930. You can achieve financial independence by working hard, but after that, what should you do? To become a merchant, kindly go to www.irecharge.ng and sign up for an account. After your account has been successfully registered, a representative from customer support will contact you.

Irecharge Electricity

You can now Pay Electricity Bills easily on iRecharge. You can purchase power units Available for EKEDC, IKEDC, EEDC, IBEDC,KAEDCO, AEDC, JED, KEDCO, PHED.

To get started, visit their website.

What is the code for iRecharge?

The code for iRecharge is *6606*1#. This is the code to dial when retrieving your permanent meter and cable TV decoder’s bank account number.

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