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Unripe plaintain porridge | beans porridge | Fried Rice

Unripe plaintain porridge, beans porridge and Fried Rice.
To prepare unripe plaintain porridge
1) peel off the bark of the unripe plaintain n cut into dice into your cooking pot
2) depending on the quantity being prepared, blend the required onions, ginger, pepper, tomatoes and crayfish together and put into the pot where you have your already diced plantain
3) Add smoked fish
4) Add oil and Knorr cubes
5) Add meat or fish stock
6) Add water on same level with plaintain
7) Add little salt and place on fire then while boiling check salt for taste.
8) prepare the vegetable (scent leaf and ugu) to add when the food is cooked and thick like porridge.
it takes approximately 20mins to cook

To prepare beans porrigde is same ingredients as unripe plaintain porridge except ingredients are added after beans is picked and half cooked, using vegetable is optional.

To prepare Fried rice
1) parboil the rice and make sure its still very hard
2) cut all the veggies ( carrot, green pepper in dice form, green beans.
3) dice the liver
4) natural green peas is preferable to tin peas
5) cook the rice with the available stock (meat or chicken)
6) Fry all the veggies in heated vegetable oil in order of hardness including the liver.
7) When the veggies( Green peas and beans) are a bit soft add sweet corn
8) Add Knorr and salt to taste
9) pour in the already cooked rice which wouldn’t be too soft at the moment
10) stir the rice with the fried veggies until rice is well fried.

Food is ready

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