Unleashing the Power of Digital Marketing in Financial Services

The digital revolution is transforming financial services. Customers are more demanding, new competitors are threatening to disrupt the market and switching from one financial services provider to another is becoming easier and more common.

Across the banking, capital markets and insurance sectors, these rapidly evolving shifts are making institutions’ digital distribution and marketing efforts a central focus. From retail banks, consumers expect personalized and integrated services at the branch, on the go or online.

They want their banks to go beyond transactions and provide relevant insight into their everyday financial and non-financial lives.

Capital markets, facing a vast transfer of intergenerational wealth on the near horizon, are also All the while, new regulations impose demanding financial and consumer protections and require financial institutions to ensure thousands of pages of digitally published financial information—interest rates, loan durations, and so on—are correct and consistent across all channels, or litigation and penalties can result.

As financial services businesses face the digital revolution, many are strapped by inflexible systems, processes and operating models that make it hard to be responsive to emerging needs and enhance customer engagement while protecting margins and cost to serve.

Embracing innovation requires a new approach to digital marketing—one supported by an optimized, data-driven, omni-channel marketing platform. pressured to adjust for emerging digital and social trends challenging their relevance. Within insurance, the digital revolution is upending both customer expectations and insurers response.


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