University of Benin cut off mark for JAMB 2017-2018

You have already passed you JAMB UTME test 2017! Congratulations! Now it`s time to find the right university for you! The University of Benin city can be your choice! Are you eligible to become a student of this institution? Check the University of Benin cut off mark for JAMB 2017-2018 here and see if you have a chance.

University of Benin Benin City does not set a specific cut off mark for JAMB UTME. Still, the minimum cut off mark to be eligible for this institution is 180 UTME points. If you do not have at least 180 points, then you may have problems becoming the student of the school. People who have this minimum mark also have other worries. 180 UTME points does not automatically mean you be admitted into the University of Benin. The admission process is competitive. You will need to compete with other students who may have higher cut off marks in their own JAMB. You can find cut of marks for the University of Benin courses below:

University Cut Off Mark part 1

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