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Understanding the Nigerian Consumer’s Mobile Path to Purchase by Wild Fusion

Understanding the Nigerian Consumer’s Mobile Path to Purchase

As digital-led marketing trailblazers, we are enamored of pure, hard data. This holds us accountable and validate our work in the current business mix. This never-ending desire for data, enduring insights, and the provision of same for our clients and continued leadership of thoughts in the marketing technology sector takes us in the direction of curious adventures like the one that bore this study.

In the last few years, mobile – and the way people use it – has changed nearly everything. People are buying differently than they did five years ago. Mobile, and the plenitude of choices it represents, gives immense control to the consumer in the purchase journey.

In this new order, the information-savvy consumers determine the outcome of the marketplace. Responsive brands need to understand this new consumer purchase sentiment, and engage with the right message, in the right context. This is why we are excited to share what we have discovered to be a definitive path to purchase for the Nigerian consumer. In this report, we have sought to answer, amongst other questions, where consumers find new brands and products, and where they prefer to conduct transactional interactions with brands.

These answers, we hope, will provide strategic protocols for local brands and international brands looking to do business in Nigeria. This quarterly publication, like many we have issued before it, is Wild Fusion’s contribution to the body of knowledge, insights and considerations pertinent to Nigeria’s marketing communication, media and technology industry.

Using this foreword as an opportunity, I will like to thank all the curious people at Wild Fusion’s Strategic Planning Department for their relentless questioning, guided by the need to understand more, better than anyone else, something they have come to call “consumer post-rational behavior.”

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