Cleaning, though hated by many, is an inevitable house chore. We clean to keep ourselves and our environment neat. Though a critical part of home chores, many, however, carry out cleaning activities the wrong way. Yes! You can clean wrongly. You can waste more time than necessary, damage a surface, waste more energy than required, use the wrong products, amongst other cleaning mistakes people make. As a cleaning company in Lagos, we highlight some cleaning mistakes you might be making and ways you can clean better, faster, and easier.

Top Five Cleaning Mistakes you might be making.

Having No Cleaning Game plan

Cleaning without any plan is like shooting blanks into the air. Many people are like this; they clean without a plan. They’d go into a room and start cleaning things randomly. When you do this, you’ll end up investing so much time and energy and get little results. It can be frustrating, especially when you’ve wasted hours and feel tired at the end of the cleaning exercise.

The reverse is the case when you clean with a plan – you know what you want to do and how you want to do it. When you clean with a plan, you’ll no longer clean with sadness and frustration and waste time and energy. You’ll clean quickly, spend less energy and time and your results will be better.

Not Reading Directions

Another cleaning mistake cleaners make is not reading the directions on cleaning products. It may seem unnecessary, but when you make out time to read instructions, you’ll find it worth your time. Cleaning product companies spend energy and time in formulating these products, and the aim is defeated if you’re not using them the way you’re supposed to. When you read directions and instructions on cleaning products, you’ll be informed on both your safety and that of the surface you wish to clean. Sometimes, you might use the product on surfaces where you’re not supposed to use them, and you’ll end up damaging the material.

To avoid this, when you want to use a product, quickly read the label for instructions and directions, to understand where and how you’re supposed to use it.

Over Relying on All-Purpose Cleaners

All-purpose cleaners indeed help a lot, but that doesn’t mean you should over-rely on them for every cleaning task. Different cleaning products are made for different cleaning tasks and should be used thus. Over relying on all-purpose cleaners will lead you to execute tasks with the wrong cleaners when there are cleaners to give you a perfect clean.

The bottom line is always to consider what you’re cleaning and decide whether to use an all-purpose cleaner or a specific cleaner.

Adopting Too Much Cleaning Hacks

This is one area where we always advise people every day. People are always looking for cleaning hacks, a shortcut to make cleaning easier and faster. Yes, cleaning hacks are okay, especially when you’re improvising or using the hack for a more effective result.

However, depending on too many cleaning hacks is not good!

Depending on too much hacks always lead to disappointing results, especially when you’re trying to make your job easier or faster. When your hack fails, you’ll realize your cleaning has been a total waste of time and energy. Worst of all, cleaning hacks becomes toxic to you as a person if you get used to them without knowing the long cuts, the standard way of cleaning. You might get caught up in situations where your cleaning hacks can’t help you anymore.

In cleaning, you need to know the long way before you can use the shortcut. It’s only when you’ve mastered the normal way of doing the ask, that you can adopt ways to reduce the time spent doing it.

Covering up Odors Instead of Cleaning Them

A whole of people are culprits to this act. You’re probably smiling, realizing you’ve done this at one point or another.

That’s what deodorants, perfumes, and air fresheners are made for?

The truth is, there’s a big difference between killing an odor (by cleaning) and masking an odor. For a person, killing an odor is like taking your bath and cleaning your body thoroughly while masking an odor is like applying deodorant and perfumes to cover up your body smell.

Can you decide not to take your bath again, but instead use deodorant and perfumes?

The same goes for your environment.

Deciding to mask smells with air fresheners rather than kill them by cleaning is a big NO-NO. People do this in their rooms, kitchens, carpets, upholstery, cars, etc. It’s a common cleaning mistake that should be avoided.

Conclusively, from these five cleaning mistakes you shouldn’t make, are you a culprit to any or some? Share your comments below.

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