The Truth in Lady’s Sexual Assault Accusation Against Kevin Jazaura?

The Truth in Lady’s Sexual Assault Accusation Against Kevin Jazaura?

Social Media has given people the well-deserved recognition they need, brought about business boom for lots of online vendors, but when in the wrong hands and used for the malicious purposes, it can be used to tarnish the image of a brand, person, or even cause people who have been victimised on the platform to sink into depression and resort to unimaginable vices.

In a recent trend that has sadly become a thing, people, especially ladies have called out members of the opposite sex for attempting to get physical with them. Two that easily come to mind are the accusation against Unilag Olodo, by a lady who claimed he forced himself on her, but when legal action was taken up by the accused, she was nowhere to be found upon request to show up at the police station; another is the story of actress Sola Fapson and the Taxify driver who she labelled a rapist after his alleged attempt to violate her sexually.

The latest is this claim by a Nigerian lady, LP The Whiskey Lady, who on the 14th of October 2018, posited that a trusted friend of hers who goes by the name, Kevin Jazuara and whose picture she shared on her Instagram page, tried to sexually assault her.

While her account of the event has generated much media attention and having the likes of Linda Ikeji Blog, Instablog and other gossip sites carry the news we can’t help but notice the gaping holes in the accuser’s account.

The accuser mentioned that she was “highly intoxicated” and “as drunk as a sailor” when the assault happened. This brings the question of how she clearly remembers everything that allegedly conspired between herself and Kevin. Understanding how weak she claimed to be, how did she also muster the strength to try to put her finger in his butt hole when all his weight was on her. This would have been more credible if she had stated that she tried to poke his eyes as that’s more easily accessible for a girl as drunk as a sailor… but the butt hole?

We can’t help but wonder how she was able to get him off her, get the keys to his car and drive herself home. Why are there no screenshots of the WhatsApp and Instagram messages of the accused begging her and requesting to see her?

These and many more are the questions that beg for answers. The gaping holes in the story make it obvious that the story is full of assumptions, disjointed, and should not be deliberated upon by those who come across it.

This should also gear people to be considerate of the feelings of those who are actual victims, as the more questionable accounts of sexual assault are pushed out, the less credible the real cases would look, and justice might not be served against rapists when it is needed.

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