The new rebranded Pears Nigeria Range of baby products.

The new rebranded Pears Nigeria Range of baby products.

5 things you need to know

There’s so much more to the new rebranded Pears Nigeria range of baby products than you realize. Here are 5 things about the baby brand that you may not already be aware of.

Pears Baby Lotion: This is an all time favorite for Nigerian mothers. The new rebranded lotion contains refined olive oil to smoothen and moisturize your baby’s tender skin. Gently rub Pears lotion into baby’s skin after each bath and whenever skin feels dry.

Pears Baby Oil: This is the go to baby oil especially for babies with dry skin. Pears baby oil contains Mineral and Olive oil which softens and protects your babies skin from dryness. It can also be used to protect your baby’s hair to protect his tender scalp, make hair shiny and easy to comb.

Pears Baby Powder: Pears Baby Powder is the go to powder to prevent baby rash especially during hot weathers. To keep baby feeling fresh all day, apply a generous amount of Pears powder on baby’s skin after each bath and during nappy change.

Pears Baby Jelly: Pears Jelly acts as a protective barrier, keeping baby’s skin smooth and healthy. To protects baby’s skin against nappy rash, rub Pears jelly freely on baby’s bottom during each nappy change.

Pears Moisturizing Cream: Pears moisturizing cream helps keep delicate skin soft, smooth and healthy, and is gentle enough for baby and for you.  It leaves a gentle, lingering fragrance. Apply after bathing and whenever skin feels dry.

All in all, the New Pears Nigeria baby range delivers on its promise of a rash free, gently fragranced, comfortable and playful baby.


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