Tapping customer data to drive growth: A South African Perspective

Tapping customer data to drive growth: A South African Perspective

As banks across Africa start to roll out increasingly sophisticated digital channels and systems, many are starting to explore how they might use their increasing wealth of data to create sustainable growth and improve efficiency. Rightfully so: banks around the world are already finding increasingly valuable ways to apply analytics across their organizations and – in doing so – are creating unique competitive advantages.

Focus on the customer :

Our experience suggests that many banks may be missing significant growth opportunities that could be achieved by consolidating all of the different ‘nuggets’ of customer data at their disposal to create tangible and actionable insights about their customers. Customer analytics can drive significant benefits for Africa’s banks. A well embedded customer analytics capability could, for example, enable the bank to target the right customers during marketing campaigns, maximize cross/up sell opportunities, improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn and fraud cases. Many banks are also starting to leverage customer analytics to identify who their most valuable customers are, how they behave and how best to retain them and attract others. It is allowing for the provision of real-time, individualized service at every stage of customer interaction: marketing, acquisition, cross-sell, service, and retention. The more sophisticated banks are now starting to apply ‘predictive analytics’ approaches to their customer data to capture more forward-looking insights that go beyond analyzing events that happened in the past to instead start to predict what events will happen next and, in doing so, better inform their decision-making.

The battle for the customer

Recent research by KPMG International suggests that few banks around the world fully understand the value that data and analytics can provide in terms of customer insights and richer customer experiences.1 Unfortunately for the banking sector, there are organizations like Google and Facebook that do understand the value of customer insights and they are keen to use this knowledge to create new banking propositions that deliver exceptional customer experiences. Both organizations have already launched successful money remittance services, largely by creating an unprecedented view of customer preferences by aggregating search, social media and financial transaction data. Simply put, customer insights are driving the next wave of competitive advantage and banks will therefore need to go beyond merely understanding the needs of their customer across the various touchpoints to ensure they can also anticipate and rapidly respond to those needs.

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