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Small and Medium Business Services

Today’s communications service providers are increasingly targeting routes-to-market for small and medium businesses (SMBs). As traditional markets become increasingly competitive and over saturated, companies are struggling to grow revenues from their enterprise customer base. In response, they are looking down market to smaller and midsize companies—those with anywhere from five to 1,000 employees. Annual revenues for such enterprises are generally in the range of US$5 million to US$500 million. There is good news and bad news when it comes to developing a routes-to-market strategy for the small-and medium-business marketplace. The good news is that millions of these companies exist. The bad news is that few communications and high-tech companies have the operational processes, sales capabilities, controls and analytics in place to cope with the more complex demands of the SMB marketplace. And without those capabilities, a foray into the small and mid-sized market wilderness could turn out to be only an expensive failure.

Accenture’s small and medium business services offering is a comprehensive set of strategies, leading-practice processes, tools, methods and managed services that can help companies achieve high performance by capitalizing more rapidly on the growth of the SMB customer segment. Accenture has the ability to go beyond simply analyzing the SMB market to help providers figure out how to strategize and operationalize their businesses to profit faster from the SMB opportunity. To help providers develop their capability to serve the SMB marketplace, we leverage our successfully demonstrated assets, methodologies, deeply experienced resources and our Global Delivery Network, focusing on two main areas in particular: unified communications and collaboration (UCC) applications; and software-as-aservice (SaaS) capabilities.

Unified Communications and Collaboration Applications Our small-business applications offering leverages our award-winning Service Delivery Platform (SDP) solution, which helps service providers reduce the costs and risks of new-product development while supporting a more effective collaborative development environment. Beginning with our SDP assets and leading practices as a foundation, we have integrated UCC service platforms from leading vendors to offer a distinctive solution featuring: • A hosted managed service delivery model. • A complete set of communication applications, including IP Centrex, VPN and messaging. • Comprehensive collaboration applications for file and desktop sharing, mobility and security. Software-as-a-Service Model Many companies have already started utilizing a SaaS model for consuming cloud computing, customer relationship management, e-mail and other technology applications. Accenture has tapped into its global technical experience to create a SaaS platform that can be rapidly customized for providers to launch new products and services for small and medium businesses. High performance delivered Based on Accenture’s experience driving high performance for a variety of clients in all geographies, companies may realize a host of important benefits from our offering: • Faster, less expensive launch of new products and services: For example, Accenture worked with a provider to launch its SMB business in only five months by leveraging a SaaS platform and a UCC solution. • Increased profitability of the SMB unit: For one client, Accenture helped increase the profitability of its SMB unit by 10 percent over two years by creating and executing an effective routes-to-market plan.

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