Samsung galaxy S10 release

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be the company’s flagship phone, expected out early next year, but the S10+ version of it could be the best model with a mind-boggling three rear cameras onboard.

Samsung is expected to release three variants of its Galaxy S10 with the S10+ at the top of the list.

The Galaxy S10+ is rumoured to come with a triple lens rear camera, like the Huawei P20 Pro features.

Samsung could also put two more cameras in the front of its S10+ handset.

According to South Korean sources the company wants the S10+ to be the first S series handset to come with a triple lens rear camera a dual lens front-facing camera.

The rear setup should be the same dual camera system found on the current Galaxy S9+ only with a new lens.

This extra lens is thought to offer an ultra-wide-angle perspective to help enhance photos further.

This is different to the Huawei P20 Pro which also has a monochrome sensor to enhance clarity and depth in its photos.

If this report is accurate we can expect the Samsung Galaxy S10+ to come with a 12MP wide-angle lens, 12MP telephoto lens and a new ultra-wide-angle 16MP and 120-degree field of view lens.

By comparison, the S9+ lens offers a top end of 77-degree field of view compared to this new 120-degree angle.

This wide perspective should make for enhanced landscape photography, ideal for shots of nature.

The front-facing setup should feature a standard camera sensor and a telephoto sensor.

This combination, as already found in the Galaxy A8, should offer better background blur for Portrait Mode selfies with a Bokeh effect like on a DLSR camera.

Samsung is allegedly planning to launch three S10 variants dubbed Beyond0, Beyond1 and Beyond2.

While Beyond0 should be an affordable version of the phone, Beyond1 and Beyond2 will feature the more high-end specs like multi-lens cameras.

Expect the prices across the S10 range to be varied to reflect the features.

Apple’s expected three new 2018 iPhone models are also expected to span the spec space with an affordable model on offer also.

These new handsets are presumably a way to tackle the need for high-spec yet low-price device like the OnePlus 6 has offered this year.

The high-end is to offer cutting-edge tech like the Huawei P20 Pro has offered with its triple camera smartphone.

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