Sales Force Transformation

Consulting and outsourcing services to help providers drive more growth from their existing sales force, penetrate new markets more effectively and sell increasingly complex solutions at lower cost.

From a sales and marketing perspective, today’s communications companies are facing a number of pressures related to increased competition, high costs, channel complexity and workforce-related issues. The very nature of the sales organization is changing as carriers transition from selling wireline and wireless offerings to selling convergent, value-added products, as well as managed and professional services. Companies also are expanding into more global markets and pursuing growth in new customer segments such as small and medium businesses. Evolving customer demands require more agile sales strategies and far more flexible incentive management programs.

Achieving these important goals can be difficult for carriers, however, because of inefficient sales processes, misaligned organizational competencies and increasing costs. Traditional workforce capabilities and selling behaviors also can be a hindrance. In today’s more complex selling environment, new attitudes and performance behaviors are needed from the sales force. Solution selling, for example, requires better collaboration across functions, a focus on new kinds of buyers and improved incentive management capabilities.

Sales force transformation is a holistic endeavor, focusing on several interrelated components: • Sales channel optimization: Selecting an appropriate mix of direct and indirect channels for taking new services to market and penetrating new customer segments. • Incentive compensation management: Aligning incentive compensation capabilities with sales strategies. • Sales operations: Standardizing and centralizing sales processes to improve sales productivity while reducing expenses and costs. • Pricing efficiency: Increasing top-line growth by reducing price leakage and improving the effectiveness of deal management. Our sales force transformation offering consists of two unique and distinctive types of solutions to address the sales and marketing needs of communications companies: Sales and Channel Services This solution provides an analytical approach that enables communications companies to assess their sales capabilities and balance resources across sales channels. It consists of tools and methods to rapidly build strategy, capabilities and infrastructure. The solution also offers technology-enabled processes and solution architectures to enable routes-to-market across customer segments.

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