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Revenue Assurance

Consulting, technology and managed services capabilities to help providers monitor revenue at risk, prevent revenue losses, reduce fraud and improve customer satisfaction.

Cash flow is a critical measure of viability for communications companies around the globe. Whether under pressure to grow revenues, more accurately capture and monitor revenues or determine how to enter new markets, virtually all wireline, wireless and cable companies have a similar goal: to increase cash flow as much as possible. To achieve this objective, communications companies rightly focus on strategic growth initiatives or marketing objectives. However, no matter how hard companies work to increase their margins, they still may be letting revenue leak away. How much? On average, Accenture experience shows that revenue leakage can cost communications companies from 1 to 5 percent of revenue annually.

Many companies recognize such a revenue leakage problem and attempt to fix it. But they typically use a tactical revenue assurance project to do it, perhaps by installing an off-the-shelf application or by conducting a departmental process review to stem the flow. Unfortunately, this market approach to revenue assurance is shortsighted. Quick-hit projects will not solve the underlying cash flow problem. Companies need to fix the leakage permanently.

The Accenture Revenue Assurance Solution provides a complete set of capabilities and services both onsite and offsite, including consulting services, systems integration capabilities and a managed services option. Our capabilities can help companies recover revenue at risk, prevent revenue losses, reduce fraud and improve customer satisfaction. Drawing on our experience implementing revenue assurance solutions for some of the world’s leading wireless, wireline and cable companies, Accenture can help companies adopt an ongoing revenue assurance program that monitors key points along the entire customer lifecycle—from initial customer order through cash collected. Much more than a one-time project, our revenue assurance capabilities can deliver organizational, process and technology changes that can lead to high performance.

Our offering consists of assets, packaged methods and tools to quickly identify potential revenue leakage by reconciling data across the entire end-to-end chain and by measuring specific indicators. The revenue assurance solution also provides key performance indicator values analysis support and reports. With the Accenture Revenue Assurance Solution, companies have been able to implement quick-win initiatives to generate immediate returns. With the savings generated from such initial revenue assurance efforts, companies are able to build their revenue assurance capabilities and explore more advanced, and potentially more profitable, actions. These approaches may involve combining improvement actions, applying business analytics or linking individual performance bonuses to end-to-end measures.

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