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Regulation & Corporate Governance Standards

Regulation & Corporate Governance Standards

 Generic and specific regulatory rules and guidelines governing REITs – Alignment with Best Practice
 Specific focus on both FIRS and SEC guidelines given specialized nature of the REIT asset class
 Clarity on tax rules and ongoing updates/ enhanced tax pass through structures
 Role definition and registration of REIT market participants (e.g. real estate asset managers, valuers)
 Evolvement of regulatory oversight function:
 Assessment of internal capabilities and level of outsourcing requirement
 Strategic Partnerships with sector experts
 Corporate governance standards- Define, Clarify and Set standards
 How do we ensure governance attracts investment flows?
 Corporate structures (Trust vs. Company)
 Management capabilities (Internal vs External)
 Concentration limits / Diversification requirements
 Asset valuation
 Transparent financial reporting
 Development to income generating investment ratios
 Listing structure / oversight
 Robust risk management practices
 Investor engagement

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