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Reach the Customer: How do you reach your target customers? What are your key messages?

Many insurers already personalize their communications and messaging—for example, carriers that have a moderate level of customer information may send a general life insurance offer based on knowledge of the customer’s family, occupation and current assets (home and automobiles). Engagement marketing goes beyond this to identify specific customer segments, and develop targeted campaigns and messaging to reach these segments and foster an ongoing, two-way customer dialogue.

For example, consider Michael and David, two customers with similar demographics who both live in different units of a new housing development. As part of their welcome packages, they receive brochures for home insurance; both obtain an online quote but neither makes a purchase. Both ask to receive their quotes by email. However, the insurer notes that while on the site, Michael looked at vacation property insurance and David clicked to see a list of agents in his area. A few months later, the insurer initiates a campaign targeted at leads that did not convert. Both customers receive an email with a reminder of their online quote and tips for winterizing their home. In addition, Michael’s email features an article on travel safety, while David’s includes a blurb about a local agent who just won a customer service award—with the option to set up an appointment.

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