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For communications service providers, technology support for home users and small businesses will become increasingly critical to market differentiation and business success. That support—currently focused on PCs and related devices such as printers, faxes and scanners—will grow to encompass virtually any interactive electronic device, including smartphones, home appliances and utilities. Yet although providers have a significant opportunity to drive profitable growth by meeting consumers’ growing home technology support needs, many companies still struggle to provide even baseline services.

Accenture Premium Technology Services allows communications service providers to offer their customers branded, high-quality technology services. Our commercial, industrialized IT delivery and customer service support capabilities deliver a wide range of important features, such as: • Convenience: Customers can both obtain on-demand support and make appointments at times that are convenient for them. Service agents contact your customers when customers say they are ready. • Scale: As part of the customer care and technical support services provided to existing clients, we already handle more than 25,000 PC technical support interactions each week. • Security: Customers’ data and files are protected. Accenture operates according to detailed privacy protocols that govern what technicians can and cannot do with end-user data and devices. • Quality: Fewer than 5 percent of units serviced by Accenture have ever come back for the same problem, compared to a 30 percent or more failure rate in the general marketplace.1 • Access: We offer your customers 24/7 access to dedicated and trained technical specialists, who also can support fluctuating consumer demand in areas such as new product launches. • Innovation: Customers benefit from patented tools and processes that enable automation of their support services. • Continuous improvement: In a dynamic environment where operating systems, applications, browsers and tools are changing daily, tools and processes are frequently updated to reflect emerging needs. High performance delivered Accenture Premium Technology Services can deliver a wide range of benefits to our clients, including: • Reduced costs: In a single year, Accenture used automated tools and labor arbitrage to help one communications company save more than US$15 million on its total cost of ownership for digital home support. • Improved service: We can reduce the failure rate for consumer home technology fixes from levels often as high as 30 percent to less than 5 percent.2 • Increased revenues: We helped increase annual revenues for one client’s digital home support business by more than US$5 million through better customer loyalty and incremental sales.

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