Pears Baby Oil for Harmattan

Pears Baby Oil for Harmattan

A fresh, soft and supple skin is a baby’s pride until Mr. Harmattan comes bearing gifts

Every year from November to March, harmattan comes knocking at our doors bearing unpleasant gifts such as dry dusty air, cold breeze which robs babies of their natural skin moisture. Babies naturally react to these unpleasant gifts by breaking out flaky and itchy skin, cracked feet, numb fingers. These breakouts get babies very restless. As it is the norm, when a baby is restless, the mother is also restless

You will agree that, it is usually not a pretty experience when babies are in such state of discomfort.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Here’s how you can protect your baby’s skin from Mr. Harmattan and its unpleasant gifts

  1. Moisturize your babies skin

To avoid the risk of your baby’s skin drying out as a result of the weather, once you take your child out of the bath and is towel dried, quickly slather on Pears Baby Oil which contains olive oil on your babies skin. Applying the baby lotion within minutes of taking your child out of the tub will seal in the water that’s still in her skin from the bath and maintain her soft supple skin. If your baby’s skin is still dry, try mixing the Pears Baby Oil with the Pears baby lotion. Just a small amount and gently rub it into skin. Moisturize twice a day- once after bath and once during the day

  1. Keep your baby hydrated.

Dry skin lacks moisture. This is because in dry cold air, kids lose water through their breath. Offer your baby plenty of drink year round to replace the moisture that evaporating from the skin

Please note that drinking lots of water won’t do anything if you do not moisturize your baby’s skin. So moisturize,moisturize, moisturize using Pears Baby Oil.

  1. Keep your baby warm

In the face of very cold weather, the aim is to keep your baby warm and comfortable. Newborn babies should be covered with a cap and gloves as the temperature drops further when its dusk.

Practice these tips and Mr. Harmattan will have nothing on your baby’s skin.

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