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Paul Adefarasin celebrates son Alvin Adegboyega Adefarasin on his birthday

Pastor Paul Adefarasin celebrates son Alvin Adegboyega Adefarasin on his birthday

Pastor Paul Adefarasin today took to Instagram to celebrate the birthday of one of his sons, Alvin Adegboyega Adefarasin who just turned 21.

The House On The Rock pastor shared the following post:

Today, I am deeply grateful and prayerfully rejoice that one of my two sons and the seed of my loins turns 21.

Adegboyega, we are grateful that you have tested our values and chosen to walk with them in the the path of the upright, and sustainably so.

It seems like only yesterday …, you were but a baby in our arms, and today, we have a son who understands his place, his promise, his power and his purpose; who will not depart from the verities with which he has been raised; and who can stand authoritatively to speak with the adversity at the gate.

Recently, you graduated with a First Class Degree in Civil Engineering; an accomplishment that is not only heart-warming but also speaks succinctly of your dedication and discipline in the world of academia. However, you excel everywhere else and exude the attributes of a true leader.
You have brought us only pride and joy, and so let it be IJN.

So in the moment of a defining milestone birthday, I write as your father in these two facets of life; the natural and the spiritual and want you to know that we commend you again to the Great Grace of the One who is able to keep you and cause you to continue to be far above and beyond all that you can ask or aspire to. I pray that the dew of heaven continually rests upon your heart, and that the oil of gladness never departs from your soul.

As a sharpened and well appointed arrow vested in to my quiver, you will go expressly to your God ordained destiny, and will attain greater heights than we could ever imagine.

May you be a voice to and for your generation – issuing forward the wisdom and awesomeness of our God.

Just as Our Heavenly Father is limitless; may you walk in His boundless grace to be all that you can be and to do all that you can do.

We are profoundly proud of you, we love you, we always have, and always will.
Have a great day!!!!!! Dad
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