Paretix enables banks to completely automate and digitalize lending via cell phones to increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

Your bank is facing new challenges, with added pressure from digital alternatives, decreased customer loyalty and new risks every day.

You need a system to allow you to make loans to customers on their schedule, not yours and on their device, not through your branch.

You need instant customer approvals based on models that use your data, and you need your lending to drive your profitability.

You need Paretix.

Paretix allows your mobile money customers to apply for a loan through your existing mobile money application and receive a decision and a specific loan offer within seconds.

Our engine processes the customer’s loan request, using advanced scoring analytics and existing MNO data to make decisions, based on your lending priorities and digital lending roadmap.

Customers who accept the loan offer can have the loan disbursed to their mobile money account immediately.


Paretix offers the unique combination of new technology delivered by experienced professionals. Our team has customers around the world and has been in business for nearly a decade, working with financial institutions on a variety of projects, with a focus on analytics and lending.

With an end-to-end solution that works alongside your existing systems, there is low project-risk when you work with Paretix, as we provide all services necessary to get you up and running within weeks–not months.

We have experts in IT, consulting, analytics, credit modeling, and more, ready to serve you and help your financial institution grow revenue through digital lending.

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