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Otakikpo marginal field to evacuate crude oil soon

Otakikpo marginal field to evacuate crude oil soon

Otakikpo marginal field to evacuate crude oil soon

The Otakikpo marginal oil field would soon commence evacuation of crude oil following the successful completion of Maximum Efficiency Rate (MER) test on the production wells of the project.

The operators of the OML 11 Otakikpo marginal oil field, Green Energy International Ltd, which disclosed this, added that the field would commence continuous full production and evacuation from the field soon.

Consequently the Otakikpo field has been given a “Technical Allowable rate” of 8,350 bopd from the four strings in two wells: “Otakikpo 2” and “Otakikpo 3” for the first quarter of this year. The company has also been given the commercial allowable rate of 5000 barrels oil equivalent per day this February, by the Crude Oil Marketing Department of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.

Having successfully completed its pipeline from the field to six kilometerm offshore in preparation for crude evacuation through a shuttle tanker and finalised its Crude Handling Agreement (CHA) with Amni International Petroleum Development Company, GEIL recently secured an Evacuation Permit from the regulators to enable it move its crude to Ima terminal operated by Amni.
According to its Technical Director, Dr Bunu Alibe, other milestones already achieved by the company included the approval of its Field Development Plan and the installation of its processing facility. Also an onshore storage facility of 45,000-barrel capacity has been completed.

He said the company and its Technical Partner – Lekoil Oil and Gas Investment Ltd., were poised to follow through all processes towards crude oil export before the end of the quarter.

He hinted that the field has the capacity to add about 10,000 bopd to national production within a short period of time.

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