One of the greatest advantages of business design is its wide applicability

One of the greatest advantages of business design is its wide applicability—from enabling fast product and service launches to enhancing employee experiences and back-office processes.

Business leaders looking for new sources of competitive advantage and agility are starting to embrace business design as an essential capability. They know they will be sitting ducks without it.

Champion a new way of working across the organization. Select leaders who not only embrace ambiguity and creative problem-solving, but are also user-obsessed, collaborative and intuitive. Embed the change with new organizational models, design-friendly workspaces, interfaces, tools and competencies. Adopt management approaches that reward new behaviors and empower employees. Refine your business design capability and measure its impact on an ongoing basis. Have you incorporated business design measures into your performance management system? Have you hired leaders from schools or organizations that emphasize design?

Foster a culture that promotes speed and experimentation. Business design means testing hypotheses to quickly discover value. Fund just enough to learn something. Once something works, communicate the value to employees, update the hypotheses and go again. Start small, with incremental improvements. Designate iterative experimentation as a key performance indicator. Have you allocated resources to quickly test an idea? Do you celebrate what experimentation teaches you?

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