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The future of work is already unfolding in banking. Leaders are creating a workforce with built-in flexibility and scalability for more agile ways of working.

In fact, bankers said that 16 percent of their workforce are already independent freelance workers and 29 percent expect their organization’s use of these workers to increase more than 51 percent over the next year. It’s a smart move. Agile workers represent a broad pool of sought-after skills, knowledge and experience that banks can access asneeded to compete as an agile, efficient on-demand organization.

It is also one aspect in banks shifting the workforce from an industrial “run the bank” mindset focused on executing tasks to a modern “change the bank” mindset focused on success in the ever more digital future.

The latter creates the innovative, collaborative, failfast-iterate-fast culture that makes modern bank models work. It is entrepreneurial, and becomes more automated, scalable and advisory (inside and out) overtime, which affects budgets and people.

For example, Société Générale’s “Digital for All’ program is designed to help conceive the bank of the future through customer relations, internal working methods and digital technology. It is gradually and securely rolling out latestgeneration office and collaborative tools to its teams, updating its infrastructure and network, and enabling communication without the barriers of location or traditional hierarchy, which can stifle workforce agility and frustrate tech-savvy workers.


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