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Nigerian Law School Application Form Guidelines on Official Registration Website



Nigerian Law School Admission Application Form 2017 is Out – See Details

This is the application details for Nigerian Law School (NLS) 2017 Bar Part 1 Course. The Nigerian Law School was set up by the Federal Government of Nigeria by the Legal Education Act of 1962 to cure the deficiency in the training of Nigerians who obtained qualifications in Law abroad and to provide the much needed practical training to those aspiring to become Legal Practitioners in Nigeria.

How to Apply for Nigerian Law School Admission Form 2017:

  1. Interested candidates are to visit the Nigerian Law School Website: to read and strictly follow the instructions to complete the application form.
  2. Click on Admissions and select Bar Part I.
  3. Follow the steps, complete and submit the online application form.
  4. Print a copy of your submitted online form and execute the jurat (form to be returned to the Council of Legal Education).
  5. Download and print blank copies of Forms B, B1 & B2.
  6. Submit Form B (Faculty Ref. Form) to the Dean of your Law Faculty, who is to complete Form B, and return to the Law School.
  7. Downloaded copies of Employer’s Reference, Forms B1 and Letter of Release, Form B2 are to be completed by the applicant’s employer if he/she has been in regular employment for a period of not less than one year immediately preceding the time of application, and in any other case by his/her employer to whom he/she has given at least one year of continued service, and forwarded as indicated in the form.

Each Application should be accompanied by the following documents:

LAW DEGREE CERTIFICATE: A photocopy of Qualifying Degree Certificate; this means a Degree in Law or a Mixed Degree in Law of a University in a Common Law Country whose course of study is approved by the Council of Legal Education. In this regard, it should be noted that a Law Degree obtained through study fully or partly as an External candidate of a University or Law School is not acceptable for admission purposes. Also not acceptable are degrees obtained through distance learning.
Where the Degree is obtained from a University in the United States of America, the Law School must be accredited to the Association of American Law Schools or the American Bar Association. In all cases, the Law subjects taken must include the Law of Contract, the Law of Tort, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Land Law, Equity and Trusts, the Law of Evidence, and Commercial Law. Each of these subjects must have been studied and passed as a separate subject. Where a Qualifying Degree Certificate has not yet been issued, satisfactory evidence of passing the appropriate examination must be attached. Where the final examination for the Qualifying Degree Certificate is to be taken in the year of the application, the Nigerian Law School will only entertain the application subject to the candidate satisfying the Qualifying Degree requirement not later than a month preceding the commencement of the course.
NOTE: Those who studied in Non-Common Law countries are not eligible for this course.

ACADEMIC TRANSCRIPT: The Registrar/ Academic Dean of your University should be asked by you to forward direct to the School, the transcript of your Qualifying Degree showing the subjects taken and the grade obtained in each subject. The transcript should be signed by the Registrar. It is emphasized for the avoidance of doubt, that no student will be offered admission to undertake the Bar Part I course without a transcript, authenticated by the Registrar /Academic Dean of his/her University or Institution.
NOTE: If applicant has studied in more than one University for the Law Degree Programme, Transcripts from both Universities must be received.

a. Copy of the Law Degree Certificate.
b. Official Academic Transcript signed by the Institution’s authorized signatory.
c. Duly completed and stamped Faculty Reference Form B which must be completed by the Dean or Head of Faculty of Law of the Institution and forwarded directly to the Nigerian Law School.
d. Duly completed and stamped Employer’s Reference, Form B1 and Letter of Release, Form B2 (where applicable). These must be forwarded directly to the Nigerian Law School.
e. Two recent Passport size photographs of the applicant.


All application forms together with references on applicants must be completed and returned to reach the Office of the Secretary to the Council of Legal Education/Director of Administration, NIGERIAN LAW SCHOOL, HEADQUARTERS, BWARI, P.M.B 170, GARKI, ABUJA, NIGERIA not later than April 28 and May 12 2017 for forms, and references respectively. It is the duty of applicants to ensure their referees comply with this date. Applications and references received later than the deadline stipulated will not be entertained.

CHECKING ADMISSION STATUS – Applicants are advised to check their admission status on the portal from June 12, 2017. No applicant should report on Campus without being offered admission.

Accommodation is very limited and shall be provided on first come first served basis for Students for the duration of the course and each room is shared. Allocation of the available spaces in the School’s hostel will be made at the beginning of the programme. Under no circumstance will any one be allowed into the hostel before allocation. Students are to arrange for their own curtains, linen and laundry. Students who do not get accommodation should make private arrangements.

The session will commence on June 26, 2017. The training course at the Law School is fulltime. No student is allowed to undertake any gainful or other form of employment or business during the course. A breach of this rule will lead to expulsion from the School and may result in a permanent disqualification for admission. Students in gainful employment or business are advised to obtain leave of absence/study leave from their employers before the commencement of the course.

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