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Need To View This PowerVerter-The Tripp Lite Inverter Price in Nigeria..

Tripp Lite inverters are available in two main types. The general purpose PowerVerter APS X inverters deliver PWM sinewave output and are suited for homes, while the PowerVerter APS INT offers pure sine wave output for sensitive equipment and can easily be mounted on racks and walls.

The financialquest trip lite inverter int TRIP- LITE- INVERTER- INT

 Basic Things To Know About Tripp Lite Inverter

The Tripp Lite Inverter system is a leading backup power solutions provider for businesses. Tripp Lite Power Inverters provide reliable backup power for your computer and electronic equipment. Both the Trip Lite general purpose APS X inverters and the PowerVerter pure sine wave APS INT inverters are available in Nigeria. If  at all after checking the speculative benefits you are still not okaay, you can check out the guideline of purchasing a backup power, this guide will put you through all the way.


Tripp Lite Inverter Price in Nigeria ranges from 100,100 to 500,000 Naira.

This makes the wall/rack mountable Tripp Lite Inverter great for server rooms, computer labs, IT/ICT assets, hospitals, or anyplace space economy is a big issue.

Both types come with UPS built-in. Tripp Lite Inverters are targeted at business and commercial applications.

The financialquest trip lite inverter TRIP-LITE-APSX-INVERTER

SEE HOW THE TRIPP LITE INVERTER INSIDE LOOKs, Kindly click on this screen to watch video!


Tripp Lite Inverter can serve as backup power supply for your IT infrastructure like server rooms, computers, as well as office equipment, computer labs, hospitals and clinics. They can also be used to power your home electronics.

Tripp Lite Inverter is a global brand when it comes backup power solutions. So, if you are looking for a Power Inverter from a reputable brand, you can’t go wrong with Tripp Lite.

The Inverter offers overload capacity (up to 200% in the wall mounted models), which makes them great with industrial tools.

The financialquest tripp lite aps inverter TRIPP-LITE-APS-INT-INVERTER

Such inverters can also handle inductive loads in the home like air conditioners and refrigerators. Tripp Lite Inverters also feature overload protection and fast transfer operations.


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