Modern Dish-(Coconut Rice)

(2) Modern Dish-(Coconut Rice). RECIPE: 2 cups of Rice.1 ball of tomatoes(optional),6 red pepper,1 tsp crayfish,1 big ball onions,1 pkt Emma coconut powder,Groundnut oil,1 liter of water,1 tbsp Butter,4 wraps of chicken knorr cubes,thyme,curry powder,rosemary,garlic and 1kg Turkey meat. GARNISHING: Coleslaw, 2 carrots, 100g steamed green peas, 1 medium size spring onions and 200g shrimps. METHOD: Wash and per-boil the rice, set it aside. Season and cook the meat with some knorr cubes, thyme, curry powder, garlic, rosemary, onions and salt till tender, fry and set it aside. Dice the tomato and pepper, then fry them with little groundnut oil in a pot till well done. Add Crayfish and fry for a short while. Pour your meat stock and water into the cooking pot and allow them to boil and incorporate together. Add the remaining Knorr cubes, butter, thyme, rosemary, curry powder, Emma coconut powder, salt (if necessary). Allow it to boil, and then pour in your per-boilied rice. Stir all together for just that moment and cover the pot for the rice to cook completely, also the water dries up. Bring down the pot and set it aside. GARNISHING: Fry the diced spring Onions, Cubed carrots, steamed green peas and shrimps together then stir into cooked coconut rice. Serve the coconut rice with fried turkey meat, fried shrimp vegetable and Coleslaw.

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