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Mfon Ekpo, Sheryl Sandberg, others Convene for the 6th Women in Power Conference at Harvard University.



Mfon Ekpo, Sheryl Sandberg, others Convene for the 6th Women in Power Conference at Harvard University.

The 6th Annual Women in Power Conference, a student Run Conference at Harvard Kennedy School hosted Mfon Ekpo as a distinguished speaker amongst others at this year’s event, themed ‘Breaking Barriers’.

Ekpo, named one of the most influential women in Nigeria by Leading Ladies Africa in 2017 and again in 2023, is an astute professional with multiple degrees in Maritime Law, Business law, Journalism, Neuro linguistic programming and Negotiation. The CEO of The Discovery Centre, founding partner of the John Maxwell team and Executive Director Maxwell Leadership, Ekpo is an international speaker and coach to top business CEO’s, industry and thought leaders.

Mfon speaking at women in power Conference 4

The Women in Power conference highlights diverse perspectives and experiences of women in leadership roles and for the past five years had reached over 1,600 people in over fifty countries around the world.  Previous editions of the conference have hosted notable figures such as Diane Von Furstenberg World renowned designer, Tawakkol Karman 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Audrey P Marks, Jamaica’s 13th Ambassador to the United States amongst others.

The event aimed at challenging the status quo, creating the space to dive deep into timely and pervasive issues, and bringing together students, practitioners, industry leaders, changemakers, and community members to spark thoughtful conversations was recognised in 2018 by the City of Cambridge as one of its “empowering and inspiring events “.

Speaking alongside other thought leaders like Sheryl Sandberg, Founder and Option B who served as COO Meta Platforms, Rukhsar Habibizai Afghan Cyclist, captain of her nations first cycling team and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Tara Murray Deputy Director Office of Public Engagement for the White House, Ekpo highlighted during her speech that every barrier that had been broken or significant change that had been recorded from fellow speakers and any woman worthy of note, had come came from women who were courageous enough to stand in the uncomfortable position that change often comes with.

Mfon Ekpo at The women in power confernec Harvard

In her inspiring perspevtive,  Ekpo said to the women in attendance “ If you do your job well, at some point they might ask you who you think you are because it is often awkward before it becomes celebrated, often resisted before it becomes accepted, often frowned upon before it becomes heralded,so in the space between resistance and acceptance, you need courage to persist in the uncomfortable, the awkward and the downright tense intermission between status quo and defining change.”



The WIPC is committed to creating and holding space for inspiring and healing conversations among people of all genders and serves as a unique and powerful opportunity to build momentum through an intersectional and collaborative approach.

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Rhebuch Launches Online Marketplace For Security And Safety Gadgets



Rhebuch Launches Online Marketplace For Security And Safety Gadgets

Rhebuch Launches Online Marketplace For Security And Safety Gadgets


The world is becoming highly digitised to the adoption of different techniques to make the security and safety of lives and property a top priority. This is evident in various innovations put in place to guarantee not only safety but also comfort in our daily lives.

For many years, there has been a high rate of vulnerability of people to possible intrusions in their homes, with many being a victim of robbery, and other heinous attacks. This has led to the loss of lives and property which left some people frustrated and depressed. This has even made many people seek protection from private security companies or even paramilitary personnel to guard their homes.

Rhebuch Launches Online Marketplace For Security And Safety Gadgets

However, the tide has turned as you can guide and guard your home and office with security systems that provide you with prompt notification or warning when the environment of installation is about to be breached. We can not rule out the relevance of different security and safety gadgets to the protection of lives and property, and this is why Rhebuch is making various security and safety systems easily accessible to every home in Nigeria.


What Is Rhebuch?


Rhebuch is a security solution provider from which people can buy different security and safety gadgets. This is a business brand headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, and you can buy any gadget that has to do with security and safety.


However, as the security consciousness of people increases to prevent the event of intrusion into homes or offices, Rhebuch has launched an online marketplace on which people can buy different security and safety gadgets. Popular amongst the security products available on Rhebuch are CCTV cameras that you can install at home or in the office to give you a second-by-second recording of every activity taking place within the perimeter of the security camera.


Categories Of Security And Safety Gadgets On Rhebuch


There is a class array of security and safety gadgets available on Rhebuch and you can buy any of the products to suit your preferred security and safety needs. The categories on the Rhebuch marketplace are:


  • Access control systems


  • Audiovisual and lighting automation


  • CCTV systems


  • Automation


  • Fire and life safety systems


  • Intrusion alarm system


  • Security and surveillance


  • Smart home automation system


Moreover, people of varying budgets can buy from any of these categories as they tested and trusted security and safety gadgets capable of giving solutions to protect lives and property.


How Rhebuch Online Marketplace Works


The operations of Rhebuch are similar to other e-commerce platforms. You need to take a few steps to buy your preferred security or safety products on the platform


  • Go to the Rhebuch website


  • Create a Rhebuch account


  • Click on “Categories” to navigate through the available gadgets in each category. Alternatively, you can enter your preferred gadget in the search box


  • Add your preferred gadget to your cart


  • Click on “Buy Now”


  • Check out by making payments to complete your order


Features Of Rhebuch Online Marketplace


1. Fast Delivery


The delivery of every product you buy on Rhebuch is very fast. Unlike other platforms that may delay the delivery of your purchase for days or weeks, delivery time on Rhebuch is within 24 hours. This means that you are guaranteed of having your product(s) delivered to you within the 24-hour window. Another perk to using Rhebuch is that you enjoy free shipping when you buy products of over NGN 100,000.


2. Good Return Policy


Rhebuch holds the satisfaction of its customers to heart. As such, there is a flexible return policy for every product you buy on the platform. Similar to how you get your product within 24 hours after your order completion, you can also complete your return within the same time frame. Therefore, the operations of Rhebuch in providing homes and offices with sophisticated security and safety gadgets are reliable and top-notch.


3. Responsive Customer Support


You can contact Rhebuch customer support anytime and any day for your queries and you will get them resolved as soon as possible. The customer support team are humans and not bots, hence, with your needs and proffer the best solutions to your needs.


4. First-Class Quality Products


As a security and safety gadgets provider for many years, Rhebuch has earned the trust of many people with some giving testaments to the quality products that are available on the platform. Therefore, your payments are not only safe on Rhebuch, but you are also sure of getting veritable products.




Our security and safety is a serious business that we must not be a laggard towards it. This is why Rhebuck is providing you with affordable security and safety gadgets to give your home and office edge-cutting protection and prevention from any possible intrusion.


Rhebuch online marketplace is available to serve you with all the products that have to do with security.

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How Chrema Technologies Improves Security And Safety With Its Affordable Solutions



How Chrema Technologies Improves Security And Safety With Its Affordable Solutions


It is a popular opinion that security is a serious business, as it has to do with the safety of lives and property. Everyone is always conscious of taking precautionary measures to enhance security that would, in turn, guarantee maximum safety.


For many years, security and safety have been the focal points of discourse on reducing the vulnerability of people to human or environment-induced attacks that could lead to possible harm. This is evident in the various initiatives set up by the government, profit and nonprofit organisations to foster the security and safety of lives and property.


According to the cliché, “necessity is the mother of invention,” as such many security and safety inventions stem from the need to create systems that could prevent and protect against inadvertent grave incidents that may be beyond our control.


Today, there is a proliferation of different security and safety solutions which are availed in terms of manpower and products. Nonetheless, there is a growing concern about which security and safety solution is the best and largely sustainable for long-term purposes. So are you looking for where to get the best security and safety solutions? Chrema Technologies Limited is here.


What Is Chrema Technologies Limited


Chrema Technologies Limited is a specialized business company that offers full-stack security and safety solutions to people across boards. This company offers solutions to both individuals to businesses that need to be at the top of their security and safety. This is because security is the peculiar outlook on rich and pleasant, big and small, skilled and unskilled, leaders and subordinates. Therefore, there is a fit for every peg in the company.


For over a decade since its establishment in 2010, Chrema Technologies Limited has been at the fore of providing sophisticated security and safety systems to homes and offices across Nigeria. The company maintains its repute, hitherto, as the leading security and safety solution provider in Nigeria.


Chrema Technologies Limited is home to every automated security and safety system that is designed to give you comfort and peace even while away from home or the office. The company is laser-focused on bringing affordable and effective security and safety systems to the reach of every Nigerian – irrespective of the budget. This means that there is a security and safety system for you, even if your pocket is fat enough.


Security And Safety Solutions At Chrema Technologies Limited


There is a class array of security and safety solutions available at Chrema Technologies Limited. But these solutions are broadly classified into four. 


1. Smart Home Automation


Chrema Technologies Limited can automate your home or office to achieve the comfort and convenience you desire and ultimately deserve. You can imagine having a home or office where you do not have to open the doors, switch on the electronic set, turn off the light, or bother yourself with reminders of your schedules for the day.


There are specialized smart home systems available at the company to save you stress and enjoy the good life you always yearn to have. Interestingly, they are at affordable prices.


2. Firefighting And Safety Systems


The safety of lives and property underscores the mission of Chrema Technologies Limited. As such, there is a wide range of safety systems to get from the company to help guide and guard you, your family, employees, and your business against being a victim of ugly incidents like a fire outbreak.


The company prides itself on offering the best safety solutions with the latest systems that can be installed in your home or office to help you in time of dire need. The products used here are from top safety system brands like Honeywell Analytics and ConviClip.


3. Information And Communications Systems


As your one-stop company for digital tools, Chrema Technologies Limited is also in the business of providing innovative communication solutions to people. This is to enable a strong connection with people – through leveraging different communication devices that are affordable.


4. Integrated Security Systems


The company has a track record of being one of the best in CCTV installation and management. This, and many more makes Chrema Technologies Limited a destination for integrated security systems. There are specialised security systems that are designed with varying preferences. These can be systems to verify biometrics and record the happenings around a specified perimeter. There are various solutions you will get at the company.


Above all, Chrema Technologies Limited is a customer-centric security and safety company that exists to create a formidable security experience for individuals and businesses.




Security and safety of lives and property have become easy with Chrema Technologies Limited because it provides full-stack solutions that border on prevention and protection against possible harm.


Contact them today to stay secure and live safely.

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How Chrelect Is Providing Innovative Engineering Solutions Of A-Class Quality Assurance



How Chrelect Is Providing Innovative Engineering Solutions Of A-Class Quality Assurance


Engineering is the connecting fabric of the world as its applications are evident in everything that we do. From home to offices, and the field, we can not overemphasise the pivotal role of engineering applications to make life comfortable, convenient, and safe. This is why the role of man and engineering are intertwined.


However, the fundamentals of engineering underscore reconnaissance, planning, acquisition, execution, management, and control. As such, this makes engineering an integral component of our society. There are different outlooks on engineering, and these include electrical, mechanical, chemical, material science, and whatnot. But what is peculiar to them is their role in bringing comfort and safety to the people and society.


As the population is increasing, there is a growing demand for more buildings, especially in the urban centres to serve as homes, offices, institutions, etc. This has raised much interest in offering various engineering services to meet the demand. But what separates an artisan and a professional is the depth of practical knowledge with innovations. Therefore, there is an answer to your call for the best engineering service provider in Nigeria. Chrelect is here!


What Is Chrelect?


In the field of engineering in Nigeria, Chrelect is leading the pack as your one-stop engineering company that provides intensive solutions to individuals, businesses, government and non-governmental institutions. This company specialised in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services to every fragment of society.


Chrelect offers professional engineering services that bring the dreams of its customers to reality. The company is notable for its specialisation in design, construction, installation, supply, maintenance, and the upgrade of electrical and mechanical systems or equipment. This means that Chrelect provides full-stack electrical and mechanical solutions to its clients.


With many years of experience as an innovative engineering company, Chrelect boasts of over 500 projects it has completed and delivered within the given timeframe. Some of these projects are Schneider Electric, Edo State Government House, Rose of Sharon A.J. Marinho, Victoria Island, Lagos, Deeper Life Church Headquarters, Gbagada, etc. These are A-list projects with a perfect quality score to give their clients the best value for their needs. They plan and complete their projects with the guiding principles of excellence, and passion through the use of technology.


Services Offered By Chrelect


There are five (5) services that Chrelect offers individuals, businesses, government and non-governmental institutions. But the focal point of the company’s goal is providing engineering solutions that are of high quality and affordable – which is in sync with the mission of Chrelect.


1. Mechanical Engineering


Chrelect provides mechanical engineering solutions to a class array of clients that needs a global standard construction. The company has professionals in this field that know their onions in meeting every specialised need. 


Some of the mechanical services available at Chrelect are hot & cold water supply systems, VRF system design, water-cooled air conditioners, building automation systems (BAS), etc.


2. Electrical Engineering


The company avails itself to provide affordable and sustainable electrical services to its clientele. Chrelect works within your budget to provide you with top-quality solutions that are valuable and best your expectation.


These services are power generation, lighting control, CCTV, power distribution systems, smart lighting systems, smart metering solutions, MATV, and whatnot.


3. Plumbing Engineering


Plumbing is another solution offered by Chrelect as it has specialists in this regard to offer long-lasting plumbing services to different sizes of projects. Irrespective of your budget, your need fits into the varying plumbing services at Chrelect.


These services include vent piping systems, water filtration systems, commercial kitchens, hot & cold water supply systems, gas piping systems, etc.


4. Sprinkler Engineering


Notable as a one-stop engineering company, individuals, businesses, government agencies, and other institutions can access various sprinkler solutions offered by Chrelect. There are automatic sprinkler systems, residential sprinklers, retrofit sprinkler systems, etc.


5. Fire Protection Engineering


Chrelect is also keen on ensuring the safety of lives and property, and this is why it provides fire protection services to provide possible harms that may likely lead to death. There are many fire protection equipment available at Chrelect that can enable you to prevent a fire outbreak and get protection when need be. Also, there is a valuable solution for every budget.


Moreover, it should be noted that Chrelect offers maintenance services with different packages for buildings, property, and plants. One major perk to this service is the emergency and routine callout in which Chrelect guarantees a 60-minute emergency response time and a 6-hour non-emergency response time.




Having access to effective and affordable engineering solutions is made easy with Chrelect. The company has been providing high-tech electrical, mechanical, and plumbing solutions for many years and it still upholds its integrity in that regard. 


For your class array engineering solutions, contact Chrelect today.

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