the financialquest LG-Dual-Inverter-Air-Conditioners


When LG introduced its inverters line of air conditional last year, it was a massive success as the company was lauded for its effort towards green technology. Likewise, the pioneering inverter technology was warmly welcomed by many industry experts, snowballed LG’s market growth, and subsequently, its market shares. Now, LG is using the same inverter technology to its In-Window air conditioning units. These set of newly released line of AC units come with dual inverter in their compressors and this translates into even better power efficiency, eliminates the need for stabilizers, and saves users money.

the financialquest  LG-Dual-Inverter-Air-Conditioners

Noise Reduction

The dual inverter eliminates unnecessary noise and allows for smooth operation. With sound levels as low as just 44 decibels, the LG dual inverter air conditioners boast of ultra-silent operation. Per ultra-silent, we are talking library-level kind of quiet. This make are AC units suitable for use in bedrooms, classrooms, libraries etc.

If anything about LG’s new in-window dual inverter AC units doesn’t impress you, the low operational noise should.

Asides the dual inverter technology, there are other cherries on top that makes LG’s new line of In-Window air conditioning unit stand out.

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Fast cooling

Unlike conventional air conditioners that completely turn off their compressors to regulate temperature, the compressor design mechanism of LG’s dual inverter AC units allows the compressors easily and continually adjust their speed and performance to the desired room temperature. And this is done accurately with reduction in fluctuations and in turn, improved energy efficiency.

The LG Dual Inverter Compressor technology is so kmpeessiim that it earned the company a prestigious award. To recognize the work put in by LG on the air conditioners, LG is the first to be conferred the 2018 ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology Award by the U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR Program, a program that honors new and promising technologies that deliver significant energy savings during operation.

the financialquest LG-Dual-Inverter-Air-Conditioners

WiFi, App and AI Support

There is also a SmartThing app through which allows users remotely power on or off the unit, adjust temperature, and monitor operation from their smartphones, even when you are away from home, work, or wherever the unit is installed. When in close proximity, the units can be operated using the physical remote control that ships with the appliance.

The new smart LG dual inverter air conditioners are available in three models – 14,000, 18,000 and 22,000 BTU models – all launched and available in the US at the moment. Worldwide shipping is expected soon.

14,000 BTU model: Codenamed LW1517IVSM, it comes with SmartThinQ smartphone control, WiFi enabled and is ideal for coverage of areas up to 800 square feet. It retails for $469 and offers up to 25% energy saving.

18,000 BTU model (LW1817IVSM): has almost the same features as the above model but with wider coverage up to 1,000 square feet. Has a retail price of $569.

22,000 BTU model (LW2217IVSM): This model has the widest coverage (up to 1,300 square feet), and offers more energy efficiency (up to 40% power saving). Official retail price is pegged at $650.

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