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Intercontinental Dish-(Dice Grilled Chicken salad)

) Intercontinental Dish-(Dice Grilled Chicken salad). RECIPE: 1 pkt of grilled chicken,6 Irish potatoes,4 cucumbers, 1 medium size red onions,4 fresh green pepper,1 bunch of lettus,1 tin of Sweetcorn,1 tin of kidney beans. TOPPINGS: Mayonnaise, Mustard, 3 Sugar, Warm Water and 5 tbsp.powdered milk. METHOD: Remove the bones from the grilled Chicken and dice the meat, set aside. Wash the potatoes with back and cook everything together till it’s tender and well cooked. Wash and cut the all vegetables in a moderate size cube. Mix them together and set aside. TOPPINGS: Melt the sugar in the warm water and stir in the milk to dissolve completely. Add your desired quantity of Mayonnaise and mustard. Mix them together. Serve your dice grilled chicken salad with the toppings.

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