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Interactive Channel Services

With the rise of the digital world, marketing has become more complex, fragmented and expensive than ever to manage effectively. Communications service providers struggle to keep customers engaged across a proliferation of channels. Innovation is critical. Social media sites, for example, are a new way to engage consumers, but they also demand a higher degree of customization and ongoing efforts to maintain relevance. High performers will be those that drive down costs and drive up relevance. How? By consolidating fragmented Web properties onto a single digital platform, and by becoming more sophisticated about engaging customers in both online and offline channels. The use of advanced analytics can generate the insights needed to create more relevant content and more satisfying end-to-end customer experiences.

Providers have an opportunity to drive higher sales and revenues by using nextgeneration digital capabilities to transform how they interact with customers. The digital channel is arguably the most flexible, efficient and scalable channel for customer acquisition, growth, servicing and retention. For this reason, an emerging strategic imperative is to leverage the digital channel to achieve and sustain market leadership by concurrently enabling revenue growth and cost reduction.

The Accenture Interactive Channel Services offering can help service providers improve the digital experience they offer to customers and build deeper, multi-channel and integrated capabilities. Our services cover digital marketing, marketing analytics and media management. Our methodologies and assets bring together marketing and IT—driving both organizations toward a common goal: improved and ongoing customer relevance. Our interactive solutions consist of the following: Marketing Analytics Our marketing analytics group focuses on measuring, managing and analyzing marketing performance to increase effectiveness and improve the marketing return on investment. We do this by: • Improving a company’s use of metrics to monitor marketing performance. • Developing analytics dashboards to create new levels of performance visibility. • Enabling better business decision making. Media Management Our media management team helps clients measure, manage and analyze offline and online media assets so that they work in a complementary fashion. Our approach helps to improve a company’s capabilities in media purchasing and trafficking. We also can help enable clients to identify new targeting, cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to increase the value delivered from their media investments. Accenture offers distinctive advantages in the area of media management: • We work with more than half of the Advertising Age top 100 advertisers globally. • Accenture audits more than US$14 billion of advertising spending per year globally, more than five times our nearest competitor. • We have a global practice in markets that account for 90 percent of global media spending worldwide. Digital Consulting Our experienced digital marketing professionals and market-tested solutions help clients: • Promote brands more effectively using the Internet, mobile and other interactive channels. • Extend beyond online marketing by integrating additional digital channels, such as mobile messaging, into the marketing mix. • Design, deliver and manage compelling, connected experiences across all digital channels, integrating them with traditional marketing efforts. • Incorporate real-time and automated marketing solutions. Innovative Assets A key asset within our interactive services practice is the Accenture Intelligent Digital Platform—a scalable environment that enables agile marketing at corporate, category and brand levels. The Intelligent Digital Platform joins modular Web development with data, analytics and content delivery in new ways that lead to more compelling online experiences and improved marketing

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