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Infinix Mobility further caters for its lovers with the new Smart 2 and Smart 2 Pro [See specs]




Innovation in smartphone technology is a constant denominator that sets few apart from the lot that make up the entire smartphone ecosystem.

Due to the overwhelmingly demanding nature of smartphone consumers, most smartphone brands have failed to create smartphone devices that adequately helps to derive optimum satisfaction for its consumers.

However, this hasn’t been path of production for a certain smartphone brand, Infinix Mobility, whom with their high level of efficiency over the years has earned them the title of Africa’s leading smartphone makers.

They have remarkably utilised every loop hole left by their competitors to create astonishing smartphone devices and used feedback gotten from its consumers to produce devices that have the potential to create the ultimate user experience.


The Smart 2 and Smart 2 Pro smartphones are yet another innovation from Infinix Mobility

Both the Smart 2 and Smart 2 Pro have shifted the boundaries as regards viewing experiences on smartphones as they consist of a 5.5 HD+ screen display with the 18:9 screen aspect ratio which guarantees the user to view more.

Both also come with dual sim 4G LTE connectivity, a long lasting 3050mAh battery and 8MP lowlight selfie camera that does the job of taking amazing pictures even in low light scenarios.

The Smart 2 Pro boasts of dual rear cameras (13MP+2MP) which gives the user the uncommon privilege of taking pictures of the same subject but from two separate perspectives. There’s no forgetting the camera sub modes such as the Bokeh effect that blurs out the unwanted parts of the pictures and focuses largely on the subject matter itself and the Portrait mode for top quality pictures.



The Smart 2 and Smart 2 pro runs on the Android 8.1 Oreo OS. However, the Smart 2 operating system is tailored in a lighter version of the Oreo OS to offer a smoother and faster smartphone experience for users by offering newly reimagined apps such as Google Go, YouTube Go and Google Assistant for Android (Go edition) whilst managing data usage and enhancing efficiency.

The Smart series is concrete evidence that Infinix Mobility would do all it takes to not just give its consumers the absolute best but also grant the rare opportunity to flaunt devices with the latest smartphone technology and a budget friendly price. Talk about a smartphone with limitless possibilities.

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