Importance of Digital Marketing In Business

Importance of Digital Marketing In Business

Importance of Digital Marketing In Business

Importance of Digital Marketing In Business, Tech has become the peak career interest career of the day for many people worldwide. As a result, we see people looking for many ways to get into tech, and digital marketing is one such way.

Why go into digital marketing?

Many people often believe that you need to know about coding and programming languages before you can get into tech. However, that conception isn’t true as some tech careers do not need the knowledge of coding and programming languages, and digital marketing is one of them.

Typically, digital marketing entails the promotion of businesses through online channels. It could be through emails, websites, social media channels, etc. Now, we see more of strategy, thoughts, ideas, and conceptualization playing out instead of the knowledge of coding.

As a digital marketer, you are the bridge between businesses and their online target audience. Therefore, you know that there is always a need for a digital marketer.

So, if you have been looking for how to get into tech without the rigors of coding and others, you should be considering a career in digital marketing. Interestingly, we also see many career branches in digital marketing. For example, one can decide to be a generalist or a specialist when it concerns digital marketing, and you will know more about the careers later in this article.

As you read this article further, you will learn more about launching a career in digital marketing, how it is beneficial to businesses, and the available jobs in digital marketing.

Digital marketing guide

For anyone looking to dive into digital marketing and become a digital marketer, we understand that you will need a guide. But, like any other career, specific tips will help you succeed on your career journey.

  • Learn about digital marketing: It will be unrealistic to think you can jump into being a digital marketer. One must to go through a thorough learning process to embark on the journey of being a digital marketer. Thus, you can utilize online learning materials like YouTube and other channels that teach digital marketing. Once you begin to learn about digital marketing, you get to know what to expect on the journey.
  • Pick a niche: People often say that a Jack of all trades will eventually become a master of none, and we agree with such claims. However, as you learn about digital marketing, you see various aspects. Therefore, you need to pick a niche and specialize. For example, it could be affiliate marketing, email marketing, or social media management. Again, as you learn about digital marketing, you will know the various niches and pick your interest.
  • Be creative: Creativity is essential in digital marketing, and you need to channel your inner creativity to succeed in this field. It is important to note that there is nothing new under the sun. Thus, whatever idea you might have has already been done by someone else. However, the difference can be in the execution. And your creative juices help make your implementation distinct.
  • Have an online presence: How can you claim to be a digital marketer when you do not have an online presence? For example, imagine being a social media manager, but you do not have a page that people can use as a reference. how do you want people to believe that you can handle the job in such a case? Therefore, one needs to have an active online presence when on the journey to being a digital marketer.
  • Engage in volunteering or internships: After learning about everything in digital marketing, you will need to put the knowledge into practice. One of the best ways to do such is by engaging in volunteering or internships. As a beginner, it will not be easy to secure paid jobs. However, you can do volunteer jobs and engage in internships to grow your portfolio.
  • Familiarize yourself with the latest trends: As a digital marketer, you always have to be up to date with the latest trends. You need to understand that the world keeps evolving and get familiar with the changes. The digital marketing world is dynamic, and you will fall off if you snooze. Therefore, you always need to be on the move.
  • Expand your network: It will come in handy if you have an extensive network as a digital marketer. This way, you will have many resources at your disposal. It is best to note that no man is an island. Even if you do not like to mingle with others, you have to do it for the sake of your job.
  • Play around with free digital marketing tools: Digital marketing is an exciting career path, mainly if you utilize the available free tools. We sometimes see digital marketers cracking their heads on how to handle some situations. However, there are tools to make this possible. You will enjoy your career better when you know how to use these tools.
  • Don’t give up: It is sometimes laughable when we mention this as one of the rules in our digital marketing guide. However, we have seen many people give up on being a digital marketer when the going gets tough. It is best to know that the career market of being a digital marketer is heavily saturated. But that doesn’t mean you should give up. On the contrary, you need to keep striving, even when things seem bleak. That is the only way you will eventually become successful.                    

Importance of digital marketing to businesses

It is never a wrong choice if you decide to become a digital marketer, as digital marketing is essential to all businesses. Therefore, these businesses will always need a digital marketer.

If you are still confused or uncertain, below are some of the advantages and importance of digital marketing to businesses, especially Nigerian businesses:

  • Affordability: Compared to other marketing and communication channels, we see that digital marketing is more affordable. One cannot compare the cost of running a TV advert to digital marketing. The budget of running such ad is almost triple what it will cost to engage in digital marketing. Thus, digital marketing is cheaper for brands looking to boost their popularity.
  • Brand awareness: Digital marketing is vital to brands as it helps to increase their awareness. People love to know about a brand before engaging or buying from it. And, we can all agree that people are always online. Therefore, any brand that engages in digital marketing will increase its brand awareness and be top of mind amongst its target audience. So, people will remember the brand if they want to purchase things within their niche.
  • Higher reach: We haven’t seen any other platform that helps you get a global audience, such as digital marketing. When a brand engages in digital marketing, they increase its reach. For example, through digital marketing, a person living in Asia learns about a Nigerian brand and vice-versa. We know that brand owners love to have international customers, and digital marketing makes such possible. It is one of the reasons why these businesses do not joke with digital marketing.
  • Flexibility: We earlier mentioned creativity is needed when engaging in digital marketing. And it shows how flexible you can be as a digital marketer. There are no set rules to engaging in digital marketing as what works for brand A might not be what will work for brand B. But, as a business, you can be flexible and creative with your marketing and publicity approach, thanks to digital marketing.
  • Brand-customer communication: Customers love to have a personal relationship with any brand they are patronizing. However, it becomes a hassle for such to happen if that brand isn’t engaging in digital marketing. Thus, brands are investing in digital marketing to enhance brand-customer communication. After all, digital marketing makes it possible to communicate with someone on another continent. Through digital marketing, you can reach out to your customers, soothe them, and answer all their queries.
  • Analytics: The analytics in digital marketing makes it possible for businesses to keep track of their successes. We see that digital marketing has tracking mechanics to show if you achieved your intentions. For example, you can know the number of people that visited your website and even their countries through digital marketing. These analytics are helpful for businesses when preparing their marketing strategies as they can note what is working for them and continue to do it.
  • Targeting: As opposed to other forms of marketing and communication, you can do specific targeting with digital marketing. For example, you can tailor your messaging to only women or demographics from one region. However, if you decide to run a radio jingle, you cannot determine the people who will listen to it. Digital marketing ensures that your message gets to the right target audience.

Importance of Digital Marketing In Business

Career opportunities in digital marketing

Below are some career opportunities in digital marketing. So, if you want to learn about digital marketing, these are some of the career options you can pursue:

  • Social media manager: One can say that a brand’s social media manager handles the brand’s digital presence. As the social media manager of any brand, you have to decide on the messaging that goes out on their social media pages and handle their online reputation. In addition, you also have to be responsive to customers and ensure that the page has engaging content.
  • Web content writer: It isn’t surprising that many brands now have a website. There are many advantages associated with having a website. One of such advantage is that it shows the credibility of the brand. As a web content writer, you are in charge of the content on the brand’s website. Here, you write articles that educate people about the brand and its products and services.
  • SEO specialist: As the SEO specialist associated with any brand, you must ensure that the brand’s website ranks high on search engines. Therefore, you need to be active, spot what could be a hindrance or challenge, and suggest strategies that could boost the website. Most SEO specialists are usually calculative and analytical.
  • Copywriting expert: It is easy for people to confuse being a content writer with being a copywriter. However, a content writer deals with using articles and content to educate, while a copywriter writes for marketing purposes. As a copywriting expert, your job is to curate content that sells the product and services of the brand. Therefore, whatever you put out has to convert to sales.
  • Content marketing manager: As a content marketing manager for any brand, you are in charge of all content and communication. Your job is to ensure that any material that reaches the target audience resonates with the brand and its core values. In addition, you will manage the content team and ensure that they do not compromise on the in-house standards.
  • Email marketing specialist: Email marketing is a form of digital marketing. When you specialize in this area, you are in charge of composing brand emails. These are regular emails that the brand sends to its target audience. You also have to curate an email list for the brand, ensuring that the list contains the target audience who will take action by purchasing the products and services.
  • Digital marketing analyst: It is best to describe the digital marketing analyst as the digital eyes of the brand. Here, you monitor the communication that goes out by the brand, check the impressions, and make input on what could be better. Here, you check if the communication is effective and if it targets the right and primary target audience. You will work with data and make reports and appropriate recommendations in this role.


Benefits of a career in digital marketing

We aren’t talking about digital marketing just for the sake of it. Instead, we know and understand the advantages of pursuing a digital marketing career.

Some benefits of a career in digital marketing include:

  • Job satisfaction: When you go for a career in digital marketing, you will get satisfaction. After all, it is a career path you choose, and you will be doing what you love.
  • Career advancement: By adding the knowledge of digital marketing to your already existing career, you will be advancing your career positively. Through this, you will move to higher career levels.
  • It is a high-demand job: Let us tell you that there is a rise and increase in the demand for digital marketers. It also implies that the salary range for digital marketing career jobs is high. So, you will be sought after by many brands as they know the result you will be adding to their business.
  • Wider knowledge: We have already established many career paths in digital marketing, and you will need to choose a niche. However, you will still know other aspects irrespective of your chosen niche. Thus, you are expanding your knowledge bank.
  • You do not need a degree for it: You do not need a degree to gain the knowledge of digital marketing as you can learn through online platforms. Even someone with only a high school certificate can get into digital marketing. Thus, transitioning into digital marketing is easy.
  • You can work as a freelancer: Some people often do not want to be stuck to a particular brand or company. If you are a part of such people who desire such flexibility, having a career in digital marketing makes it possible to work as a freelancer for diverse brands.


Below are some of the frequent questions people ask about digital marketing:

Why is digital marketing so important for businesses?

If you have carefully read this article, you will see that digital marketing takes your business from zero to 100 in no time. It helps to give businesses their needed visibility and awareness.

How lucrative is digital marketing in Nigeria?

We see that people are beginning to recognize digital marketing as a top career in Nigeria. We can say that it is starting to become lucrative, especially if you know your worth. As a digital marketer, you must know how to negotiate your value.

Is digital marketing a good career in Nigeria?

Yes, digital marketing is a promising career in Nigeria as many businesses need the services of a digital marketer. You will be helping these brands and getting your desired job satisfaction.



Digital marketing has many benefits for Nigerian businesses, and we recommend that every brand owner should get the services of a digital marketer.

If you want to become a digital marketer, it is also best to pick a niche, so you do not become overwhelmed.

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