How to raise effective team for optimal results —Pastor Jaiyebo


                                           Pastor Tunde Jaiyebo


Leaders at all levels have been admonished to invest their efforts into raising an effective team in their private or public organisations, even in market places, or at any other levels of leadership, so as to achieve their set goals and objectives.

The senior pastor of Charis Family International Church, Pastor Tunde Jaiyebo, gave the charge on Friday, while speaking on the topic: ‘Raising Effective Team for Optimal Results,’ at the 2018 Charis Convention, with the theme: ‘Distinguished by Grace,’ at the church headquarters, Mokola, Ibadan.

He noted that raising a formidable team which is purpose-driven, and not just adopt a set of people, is the only way to ensure optimal results are achieved in any endeavour where human and material resources have been invested.

He taught on a series of means by which this can be achieved, defining critical terms in the topic, such as “raise,” “effective,” “a team,” “a leader,” and “optimal,” which he said leaders must take cognisance of in raising an effective team for optimal results. Excerpts:

Definitions of “Raise”

To raise means to set up, or put up, or bring up. It means also to develop, to train.
What it means is that a team is not automatically formed.
Our doing things together does not make us a team.
The fact that we are in the same department working with the same job description does not make us a team.
That I am the boss and employed 10 people does not mean that I have a team.
A team must be consciously raised.
If they post you to an organization and you met some people on ground, they are not your team.
If you take them to be your team, you are working on assumption.
A leader must consciously raise a team.
Anywhere you go to as a leader, you must work with the assumption that I must raise a team.
The people you have on ground have a general idea of how things must be done, but you need to raise them by building in them some specifics to handle.
You may have people working with you, but if they have not been built, you don’t have a team.
Now, with the aforesaid, as a leader, do you have a team?

Definition of “Effective”

Effective means to achieve a desired result.
If I’m going to raise a team to be effective, it means I’m raising a team to achieve a desired result.
Raising a team is a conscious exercise with a purpose in view.
When you are raising your team, it must be deliberate.
What do you have at the back of your mind?
If you are to raise an effective team, you must have an agenda.
You must have a why. Why am I raising a team?
What is your purpose? What are you bringing to the table?
You ask, why do I need a team?
You need to set a team up. It doesn’t happen automatically.
Purpose is an anticipated outcome; that is why a team must be set up deliberately.

Leaders General Agenda

A leader’s agenda is that the vision is executed.
It may interest you to know that everybody has his own agenda.

Definition of a “Team”

A team is a group of people with complementary skills to achieve a goal.
A team is not a club. It contains a people with different gifts, skills, expertise and competences.
All the potentials must not be contradictory, but complementary.
When raising a team, you go to people with varying skills, gifts, expertise and competences – to work together to create a synergy; each person is contributing something different to the team.
It is easier to have people like you, but that is not a team; don’t have a team of people who are just like you, that is a club.
It is like your body with different parts, but same purpose. Your body is a perfect team.
The eye cannot do the work of the mouth.
If the eye wants to taste the pepper soup the mouth eats everyday, what happens?
A team knows that we are different, but aiming towards the same direction.

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