symplinatural recipes

How to Prepare Yam Bread

symplinatural recipes

How to Prepare Yam Bread

2 Egg whites
6 Tablespoon Oil
1 Teaspoon Vinegar
2 Tablespoon Sugar
½ Teaspoon Salt
400ml Water
Sympli Yam cubes
300g Rice Flour
50g Corn Starch
2 Teaspoon Instant yeast
2 Teaspoon Psyllium Powder

How to Prepare Yam Bread.

Pre-heat oven at 180°C

Boil Sympli yam cubes for 7 minutes. Drain the yam cubes, mash till even and set aside

Place the egg whites, vinegar, sugar, salt, water and 3 teaspoons of oil into a mixing bowl and whisk well.

In another mixing bowl, add the rice flour and yeast, corn starch, psyllium powder and mix into a smooth, thick batter.

Now add the mix together, add mashed yam and mix together.

Pour the remaining oil over the dough and turn with a spoon bringing together a soft dough mass.

Tip the dough into an oiled bread tin and smooth the top.

Loosely cover with oiled cling film and leave for 15 minutes or until the dough has risen to the top of the tin.

Now in bake in a pre-heated oven for 30 minutes.

Serve warm!

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