How a Conglomerate Company Uses Technology to Boost Productivity

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How a Conglomerate Company Uses Technology to Boost Productivity

SIFAX Group began operations as SIFAX Nigeria Limited in 1988, it started as a freight forwarding agency in Lagos, Nigeria. Services rendered at its inception included freight forwarding, haulage and warehousing operations, as well as adjunct import and export support services.
Today, SIFAX Group is a group of companies with investment in Maritime, Aviation, Oil & Gas, Haulage & Logistics, Financial Services and Hospitality. The company has built a reputation of excellent service delivery anchored on the foundation of competent workforce, world-class services, consumer-centric philosophy, tailor-made business solutions and modern equipment deployment.
According to the company, its consumer-centric philosophy compels it to put the customers and their best interest at the centre of our operations. It constantly reviews its processes and innovate in order to meet the dynamic and unique need of each customer.
From port terminal operations to freight handling, haulage and logistics, warehousing, related logistics intermediary services, and other non- logistics services like hospitality and oil & gas, SIFAX Group has developed the capacity to satisfy different categories of customers.
“Every time we handle any business for our customers, DELIVERING BEST VALUE is our ultimate goal,” it says.

Technology – A necessity for Growth

SIFAX Inland Container Terminal, an off-dock terminal owned by SIFAX Group, recorded over 33,500 TEUs in its first year of operations.

The Head of Terminal, SIFAX ICT, Paul Linden, in a statement said the phenomenal growth of the terminal in the last one year was due to the smart solutions and excellent service of the company.
He said, “In the last one year, the terminal has recorded great strides in line with its core objectives of offering clients a smart alternative in cargo clearing around the Lagos ports. Our clients don’t have to go through the stress of traffic gridlock to clear their goods.”
“Our terminal has saved them the stress. For our first year of operations, the terminal has recorded 33,500 TEUs of cargo processed. These include 22,000 TEUs of full-laden containers, 10,000 TEUs of empty containers and 1,500 TEUs of export containers. This was achieved due to our solid investment in technology, responsive customer care as well as a motivated workforce.”
He noted that the terminal’s customer base had risen to over 600, while adding that the company had introduced a reefer container business to support farmers exporting temperature-sensitive produce.
Linden said, “The terminal is also playing comfortably in the reefer container space. We now have a solution where we pick temperature-sensitive produce directly from farms across the country to our terminal in Lagos, from where we ship them abroad in excellent condition.”
According to him, the firm is expanding its facilities with the acquisition of adjoining properties. He added that the current capacity of the terminal which stands at 15,000 square meters will be increased to 83,000 square meters when the on-going expansion work is completed.


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