Hotel Door Lock System Suppliers

Hotel Door Lock System How It Works

Hotel Door Lock System Suppliers

Security is an essential part of running a hotel in any part of the world, hence hotels around the world especially the highly rated ones always seek for the best types of hotel door lock systems. To get the best of hotel door lock systems you need to transact with the best lock system vendors.

Hotels are a huge business. In fact, the hotel industry is responsible for billions of dollars in revenue every year. Hotels rely on their doors to keep customers safe, secure and satisfied with their stay. This makes it even more important that they invest in quality door locks systems that will protect them from unauthorized access or damage to their property.

What is a Hotel Door Lock System?

A hotel door lock system is a type of door lock that is used in hotels. Hotel door locks are important because they can prevent theft and damage to goods, as well as provide peace of mind from having your belongings stolen or damaged while you’re away from the room.

When choosing which type of hotel locking mechanism will work best for your establishment, it’s important to consider how many doors need to be locked at once and what kind of budget you have available. Some hotel locking mechanisms come with additional features such as access cards or keypads for added security when needed; however, these types can be costly depending on the number you need installed throughout your property.

Best Hotel Door System Suppliers

There are several hotel door system suppliers in the industry, but not all of them provide you with the best hotel door lock systems. Some of the best hotel door system suppliers include:

  • Orbita
  • ShineACS Locks
  • Changzhou Bonwin Technology Co., Ltd
  • Keensecure Technology Private Limited
  • Timewatch Infocom Private Limited
  • Sterling Magna Technologies
  • Revolvatron
  • Odo


Orbita is a leading manufacturer of hotel door system. Orbita is also a leading supplier of hotel door system. Orbita is a leading exporter of hotel door system. Orbita manufactures and supplies many types of hotel door lock systems and doors which include automatic sliding fire exit doors, stairwell fire exit doors, balcony fire exit doors, inward opening automatic slide gate revolving doors and so on. The products are manufactured using high quality raw materials sourced from reliable vendors to ensure superior performance at every stage during its life cycle.

ShineACS Locks

ShineACS Locks is one of the leading hotel door lock system suppliers and door lock  system manufacturer, ShineACS is a global leader in hotel door system manufacturing. ShineACS Locks has been manufacturing hotel door systems since 1999. They are known for producing high quality products with innovative designs and advanced engineering technology to meet the needs of customers all over the world. With their state-of-the-art facilities, ShineACS Locks can produce all types of door locking devices from basic electric strikes to more complex room control systems with integrated card readers, keypads and biometrics inputs such as fingerprint readers or iris scanners.

Changzhou Bonwin Technology Co., Ltd

Changzhou Bonwin Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of hotel door system, hotel door lock, hotel door handle, hotel door knob and so on. Changzhou Bonwin technology is also a leading supplier of hotel door lock systems which it manufactures. The products of Changzhou Bonwin are widely used in hotels, office buildings, factories and other public places. The firm can also offer OEM service for their customers’ special requirements. With more than 10 years’ experience in this field of work, the manufacturer has gained rich experience in the production and management processes of hotel doorock systems.

Keensecure Technology Private Limited

Keensecure Technology Private Limited is a leading manufacturer and supplier of hotel door systems in India and globally. The company has a strong technical infrastructure to design, develop and manufacture various types of doors and frames. Keensecure offers its clients durable, reliable, innovative and cost-effective products that meet all international standards and requirements.

Timewatch Infocom Private Limited

Timewatch Infocom Private Limited is a leading supplier of Hotel Door System. Timewatch infocom private limited supplies Se of the best quality Hotel door lock products that are used in all kinds of hotels. Timewatch is one of the best hotel door lock system suppliers. You contact them for more information on

Sterling Magna Technologies

Sterling Magna Technologies is a leading door access control systems provider. Their products are designed to meet the needs of any size business or organisation. They serve a wide range of industries and organisations, including: Hotels, Retail stores and shopping malls, Office buildings and office complexes, Schools and universities, Hospitals, medical centers, clinics, nursing homes.


Revolvatron is a door system supplier with a global presence, and they have built a reputation as a trusted and reliable company. They have been in the business for more than 20 years, and they continue to grow their customer base every day. They provide high-quality products that are easy to install. Revolvatron has a goal to make sure every of their customer has an exceptional experience when it comes to the time for them to purchase new doors or parts for their existing doors. Revolvatron will work with you from start to finish so that you know exactly what kind of door systems would be best for your needs.


Odo is a leading hotel door system supplier. Odo is a well-known hotel door system supplier, trusted by hotels around the world for their high quality and long lasting products. Odo’s range of products includes: A variety of styles and finishes, Customisation options (i.e., colours, sizes, or custom engravings), Different systems for different needs (including automated access control).


With the fast growing hotel industry, hotel door lock systems have become an essential part of a hotel’s security and safety. Hotel door locks are used to ensure that only authorized personnel can enter the room. Many hotels are installing these locks in order to keep their guests safe from intruders while they sleep or rest. The new generation of locks has made it easier for hotels to secure their guest rooms through keyless entry systems that do not require any physical keys or keypads which make it easier than ever before.


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