Features and Products of MINTYN Mobile Bank

Features and Products of MINTYN Mobile Bank

Features and Products of MINTYN Mobile Bank

Banking transactions in Nigeria can be very expensive and troublesome sometimes with the attendant waste of time in banking halls. This waste of time leads to the loss of precious productive time on customers who most of the time have several other things to handle. This drag from traditional banks will no more be a thing of worry to you if you join the bank of the free MINTYN Bank.


This is the best mobile online bank in Nigeria that is serving Nigerians from across the country. With MINTYN mobile bank you do not need to worry about any banking hassles that you have been made accustomed to by the traditional banks and other financial institutions in Nigeria. The bank offers you the best banking experience from the opening of your account, to verifying your account, to using your account. These processes that take hours at the latest with other banks only happen within 5 minutes or less when you decide to bank with MINTYN Bank.

Features and Products of MINTYN Mobile Bank

The bank is an online bank as stated earlier, therefore you just need to have your smartphone, and access to the internet, then you can bank from anywhere around the world. With MINTYN Bank you can move money at super speed, with a daily transaction limit of up to ₦5 million maximum for a personal account and no limit for business accounts. This no limit on business accounts gives you the opportunity to transact your business without any drag on your cash flow and obligations.

With MINTYN online bank you are free of banking stress meaning you do not need to worry about bank charges of any sort for carrying out a daily transaction on your account. The bank offers you unlimited transfers free of charge, you also get no charges at the end of the month be it for ATM maintenance or running an account with the bank.

Features and Products of MINTYN Mobile Bank

The bank offers a wide range of products and services via the features that are available on its premium and classic looking app. These features provide you with all the tools you need to be financially digital. With this bank, you work cashless which promotes and implements the cashless policy preached by the apex bank of Nigeria the CBN.

Products offered by MINTYN

There are several products offered by MINTYN online bank. The product offered by MINTYN Bank the best online bank in Nigeria include:

  • MINTYN market place

With MINTYN market place you have access to purchasing all your groceries from the comfort of your home and have them delivered to your doorstep. The big benefit of using the MINTYN marketplace is that you get to purchase your items at a whopping 20% discount from all other stores. This discount you cannot find anywhere else hence why you should look nowhere else but MINTYN marketplace to purchase your groceries and all other items. With MINTYN market place you are saved from the stress of having to go to the market. With the MINTYN marketplace, you can shop as an individual or you can team up with your neighbours or family members and do a group shopping.

  • Business Registration

MINTYN is a bank that looks at you as a customer and wants to relieve you of all possible stresses. Hence you can register your business fully with the CAC through the MINTYN business registration product. With ₦22,000 you can get your business registered through MINTYN within 10 – 15 working days without having to go through the hassles of running around to get your business registered at the CAC.

You can get your business registered with the CAC through MINTYN your online bank in three easy starting from you downloading the MINTYN app, then heading to the business page and providing the required information, and submitting your application. When you submit your business registration application you will be called by MINTYN and have work of registration started on your application.

  • TIN Application

With MINTYN your online mobile Bank you can get your tax identification number hassle-free from the comfort of your home. MINTYN helps you do this with the thinking and initiative that her customers own businesses and would need to file tax returns to the government hence it makes the process of obtaining their TIN stress-free, by helping them go get their TIN from the comfort of their homes. This ensures that with MINTYN everything business is a swift process for you as a customer.

Features You Get with MINTYN

There are several service features that set MINTYN apart from the many others in the industry. With MINTYN you stand to benefit from the following features:

  • Cardless Withdrawal: MINTYN enables you to make withdrawals anywhere at any time without the use of an ATM card.
  • Branch lives on your phone: MINTYN provides you with real-time notifications of activities on your account. You get an alert the second you make a payment or receive any payment, or perform any other task on your account that requires notification.
  • Seamless money management: You have a quick and seamless overview of your money via the web and via the bank app. Also, the bank is highly secured.
  • Stress-Free Sign Up Process: Singing up for an account with the bank takes 5 minutes or less, with the process fully online and not requiring you to visit any office.
  • Transfer Fee: with MINTYN you perform an unlimited number of transfers all for free.
  • Customer Support: You get 24/7 customer support and a team of dedicated customer support agents to help you if you run into any issues with accessing services.
  • Debit Card: MINTYN offers customers free ATM cards unlike other banks that require you to pay a fee plus VAT to get an ATM card.
  • Virtual Cards: If you prefer a virtual card MINTYN has got you covered too.
  • MINTYN invest: MINTYN offers an investment feature that helps you to earn at a rate of 18% for an investment period of 13 – 24 months.



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