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Facade Cleaning Services


Facade means the frontage or the face is one of the most glaring parts of the building as it is what people and your customers first see when they are paying you a visit. In Nigeria today, high rise buildings are on the increase, and there is need for a new approach to the cleaning pf these skyscrapers.


We always approach different problems with different solutions It takes great expertise to take up such a task as cleaning a high rise building, but you can indeed trust us in doing this for you with our years of experience. The result of our thorough cleaning of your building will be a brighter and better working environment.


Pronesis Cleaning service can work at all height levels, regardless of access difficulties, using scaffolding, elevated work platforms, rope access techniques, telescopic equipment and high pressure wall creepers. Our area of specialty includes providing professional facade cleaning that ranges from servicing high-rise buildings to maintaining small single-story retail shops and residences. We have a team of experienced and highly-trained cleaning experts, coupled with latest technology and equipment across the country


Clean windows and buildings does not only improve visibility but provide a sense of satisfaction and contentment within an interior space. Companies with sparkling windows attracts more customers and add to the ambiance of a glittering night-time view.


When you choose Pronesis Cleaning service, you’re guaranteed that all of the windows in your home, office, hotel or commercial building will be thoroughly and safely cleaned.


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