Expert lauds Nigeria’s Price Checker initiative in business

The Akwa Ibom State Commissioner of Finance, in Southern Nigeria, Mr Nsikan Linus has commended government’s Price Checker initiative that ensures transparency and accountability in business.

The Finance Commissioner made this known at the opening of a 2-Day Sensitization Programme on Price Checker and e-Procurement in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State’s capital

He who described the Price Checker as a good initiative to check loopholes in doing business with government, pointed out that the Federal Government introduced the Price-Checker, a web- based platform for vendors of non-customized goods to upload details of their products and their prices for use by Federal and State Ministries, Departments and Agencies in their procurement processes.

He disclosed that in recent time, government at all levels were faced with paucity of funds in the discharge of their constitutional functions as they were being weighed down by financial burdens and increasing cost of governance which has out stripped the inflow of revenue into the government coffers.

“Pursuing the past, not the future, the past was invaded with decay and corruption, instead of walking forward, we are walking backward, the past need to be corrected, so as to move forward, so that our future will be bright and meaningful,” Mr Linus stated.

The Deputy-Director, Procurement, Federal Ministry of Finance, Mr. Izebere Iyogunsaid said a time was coming when government would not do business with individuals without going to the Internet.

The Technical Assistant to the Head of Efficiency of Unit in the state, Mr. Mike Ibiam, was of the view that the price checker would give room to harmonize and compare prices, to make governance in Nigeria more efficient, adding that it would also save cost and prices which can be checked at the comfort of one’s home.

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