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Enterprise Resource Planning

Challenges and opportunities; Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems have demonstrated their power to add value to an organization’s bottom line. A well-integrated ERP system and enhanced business processes are significant factors in helping a business outperform its competitors over the long term. Historically, communications companies have been focused on investing in their operations support systems and business support systems, and many have formed their own ERP function by integrating multiple market solutions. Although that approach can sometimes meet a company’s short-term needs, it also can cause long-term inefficiencies and increase the risk of not gaining the full benefits from the integration of current or future ERP system requirements. Today, many leading communications companies are moving to commercially available ERP packages so they can realize the benefits of an integrated ERP solution— one that enables better integration across a company’s global operations while providing real-time information to improve decision-making.

Our proprietary accelerators, tools and enablers make Accenture uniquely capable of meeting the full breadth of our clients’ business needs across multiple functions such as customer relationship management, supply chain, human capital management, product lifecycle management and finance and performance management. Accenture can deliver a host of powerful benefits to communications companies through our ERP delivery capabilities:

Real-time information for better decision-making and relevant analysis to drive improved business performance. • More timely, accurate and complete business reporting, providing a single view of the financial and operational performance of the enterprise. • Provision of common business processes across operations. • More consistent accounting policies and controls across the business. • Development of a consistent system of records for HR and payroll information.


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