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Engagement marketing: The road ahead

Shifts in the insurance landscape, from customer expectations to channel choice to digital technologies, have changed the way that insurance marketers must reach their customers. Casting a wide net is neither efficient nor effective— instead, insurers must offer personalized, relevant messages to target customer segments on a continual basis.

The strategy of engagement marketing requires insurers to understand their customers’ behaviors, needs and wants, and to define a data environment capable of collecting information from disparate sources to develop a 360-degree view of the customer. Because many insurers depend on the agent channel for distribution and sales, it is critical for insurers to empower and support their agent workforce to foster strong, enduring customer relationships

Insurance CMOs must come to terms with a digital future focused on engagement marketing to drive differentiation through the customer experience. Driving a single integrated view of the customer through aggregated data continues to be a barrier to overcome, as most insurers’ data sits in product-based silos. Only by aggregating and leveraging these pools of data, can marketing leaders start on this engagement journey to gain solid measurable results.

Many insurers are starting this complex journey to develop better insight into customers and to build personalized and meaningful relationships. Marketing leaders who understand their brand, their customers and their products better than others will have a strategic and competitive advantage in this dynamic business environment. Accenture and Marketo, through their alliance relationship, can provide insurers with the industry experience and technology required to help companies navigate this important and complex journey. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your business develop an engagement marketing solution.

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