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Energy Management and Sustainability

Challenges and opportunities – As sustainability issues such as climate change and renewable resources drive consumer behaviors and regulatory changes, communications and high-tech companies are turning their attention to the role they should be playing in the advancement of the sustainability agenda and in leveraging that agenda for profitable growth. Within their own companies, providers are looking for ways to improve their sustainability programs, in part because of the cost savings involved. Energy consumption of servers has doubled in the last eight years, and office equipment now accounts for 15 percent of energy consumption. Companies are looking for new ways to reduce their carbon footprint and develop more sustainable supply chains.

Communications technologies are central to the reduction in energy consumption, enabling companies to save money, help the environment and improve their brand reputation. How Accenture can help Accenture helps service providers integrate communications technologies into sustainable solutions and improve energy management of the network. Based on our experience working with clients around the world, several key areas offer the most opportunity to improve energy efficiencies and reduce the carbon footprint leveraging communications technologies:

• Green Supply Chain: Companies currently using business-to-business services in supply chain or customer field service automation, enabled by wireless wide area networks, can produce significant environmental savings— eliminating up to 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year, and saving 1.5 trillion BTUs of total energy.

• Wireless Fleet Management: By implementing a variety of fleet management technologies, enterprises can reduce fuel usage and harmful greenhouse emissions. Research indicates that the typical FORTUNE 500 manufacturing organization could save up to 58,000 gallons of fuel per year, which would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 580 tons per year.

Wireless global positioning systems (GPS), automated vehicle location (AVL), and telematics systems are some of technologies capable of delivering these benefits. • Smart Buildings: A building’s electricity consumption can be reduced by implementing wireless motion sensors connected to lights and air conditioning systems to improve office and warehouse energy efficiency, and external sensor networks for the reduction of water and pesticide usage and even remote temperature and airflow monitoring in data centers. • Intelligent City/Smart Grid: Connecting utility executives and metropolitan leaders around the world who are committed to deploying smart electric grids that manage the flow of energy more effectively and efficiently is the focus of this technology. • Green IT Solutions: This technology concentrates on products, services and practices designed to improve the efficiency of computing resources to reduce the environmental impact of IT utilization. While delivering these kinds of solutions for clients around the world, Accenture also helps them implement software-based, sustainability performance management systems to track progress against goals, quantify impacts on the business and facilitate internal and external reporting. To implement our solutions and services, we follow a market-tested, structured approach: • Portfolio Assessment: Defines a potential list of low-carbon products and services. • Market Assessment: Identifies target industry verticals and associated energy reduction requirements. • Capability Assessment: Identifies existing capabilities as well as barriers to taking solutions to market. High performance delivered Accenture is working within our R&D practice, as well as with clients, to develop innovative solutions to improve sustainability. One unique asset is what we call the Accenture Green Maturity Model. This Web-enabled tool consists of a series of questions about an IT organization’s current approach, followed by analytics to assess the implications of the responses. We also have developed what we call the Accenture Green Technology Suite, a complementary suite of tools created by Accenture Technology Labs and Accenture Technology Consulting to help clients easily create sound green strategies with business benefits that can lead to high performance. Why Accenture Accenture’s green network agenda takes a holistic view of a mobile provider’s environmental footprint to improve energy management within the carrier network. Our sustainability practice has conducted significant market research to build a portfolio suite targeted to enterprises within each of the industries we serve. Accenture also has established relationships with large communications providers globally, where we have gained deep insight into existing capabilities and opportunities for joint go-to-market solutions.


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