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These banks are fully integrated, top to bottom, inside and out. They use data insights to facilitate, manage and differentiate seamless, personalized and relevant customer experiences.

Importantly, they optimize physical and digital channels, turning them all into productive assets to offer financial and nonfinancial solutions, not products. In this regard, Digital Relationship Managers will take what Accenture calls the Everyday Bank model10 to new heights.

They will do so by delivering highly fluid, personalized and experiential Living Services that extend from banking to areas as divergent as housing, travel, health care and beyond. In so doing, they position Everyday Banks as dynamic, digital financial managers delivering individual relevance, not mass appeal.

Ping An, with approximately 90 million customers, aims to become China’s leading personal financial service provider by occupying a position at the center of a vast digital ecosystem. With an integrated platform, Ping An brings together traditional insurance, banking and investment services and nontraditional financial services in the areas of health, shopping, transportation, housing and entertainment. Its nontraditional lifestyle businesses serve as a channel for selling core financial products. In 2014, more than 11 million customers migrated from nontraditional finance products to one of Ping An’s core finance businesses.

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