Customer-centric offerings for a “content anywhere” world.

In a fragmented consumer and technological environment, a multiplatform approach supporting the digitally connected consumer is seen as key to driving profitable growth. Multi-platform flexibility can help providers connect people everywhere and anywhere, on multiple devices, both in and away from the digital home. In short, the battle for consumer engagement is now being waged on multiple fronts—from linear television to on-demand to online to mobile to tablets. To meet that challenge, traditional providers are working to transform their operations and platforms to serve consumers’ emerging needs and preferences, while new providers are jockeying for position to become the new providers of choice. Monetization models and ways of serving consumers are regularly evolving, and that means different companies’ roles within the content value chain are in flux.

We provide services and solutions in the five key areas of an IPTV program: program planning and management; strategy; content; operations and IT; and network and platform. In the planning phase of work, we assist clients with business modeling, overall strategy and business proposition, development of the product roadmap and technology selection. We also help conduct trials, measuring outcomes and refining the basic proposition, and then supporting technical testing and technical and operational builds. At the launch phase, we assist with the build and integration of the platform and network, including the business support systems, operations support systems and service delivery platform. As the operator scales its IPTV offering, Accenture can help with rollout and deployment, as well as technical and operational scaling.

Multi-channel Content Access Solution: Provides a standard architecture and operations from which communications and content companies can efficiently offer subscribers access to content across a wide array of devices. The solution standardizes the integration points between communications and content companies on the one hand, and programmers on the other, to allow for faster on-boarding of programmers. With Accenture’s multi-channel content access solution, programmers can reduce their costs to integrate disparate systems and operations. They can focus more on providing unique user experiences and making more content available through different channels. Open Gateway Framework for Service Development: Gives operators an open, modular platform for service creation and execution, to be installed on the access gateway. With this framework, each application can be installed, updated and managed independently from other applications and from the device-based software (e.g., operating system). This approach enables an app store model where applications may be developed by the operator or by any other third party. Ultimately, the Accenture solution can provide operators with a new opportunity to build and maintain customer loyalty, providing plug-and-play services closer to customer needs.

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