Computer Warehouse Group (CWG) to offer infosys finacle on cloud to Nigerian banks

Computer Warehouse Group (CWG) to offer infosys finacle on cloud to Nigerian banks

Computer Warehouse Group (CWG) to offer infosys finacle on cloud to Nigerian banks

Computer Warehouse Group (CWG) to offer infosys finacle on cloud to Nigerian banks

CWG, the largest Systems Integration Company in Sub-Saharan Africa, has announced that they will offer the Infosys Finacle banking solution as a managed service on cloud.

This offering will enable Nigerian banks to leverage Finacle’s industry-leading solution suite, along with other enterprise-class applications hosted on a private cloud.

CWG Plc is offering Finacle on private cloud, hosted on Huawei hardware and powered by Intel X86 chipset. The new solution will enable banking running Finacle to optimize infrastructure and technology management costs, while assuring agility and flexibility to scale operations rapidly.

With this new offering, hosted on a private cloud, Finacle becomes the first comprehensive banking platforms to be available as a managed service on cloud in Nigeria.
More so, banks can use this offering for hosting their development, training and testing (SIT/UAT) environment on the cloud. An option to move the production environments on cloud is marked for future availability

The offering will as well help optimize operating expenditure by ensuring optimum infrastructure utilization, and substantial reductions in infrastructure and application management cost

With the cloud deployment, banks can easily integrate new innovations from Finacle on an ongoing basis, and minimize the costs and efforts of implementation

James Agada, chief executive officer, CWG, said: “Banks understand that technology is critical for simplifying banking to create sustainable business growth. But many are burdened with disparate host systems added piecemeal, over time, and developed on aging technology. These legacy systems are simply not equipped to readily respond to change. A pain-free approach to banking transformation, with an adaptive solution at the core, will prove invaluable for banks looking to gear themselves for tomorrow. We are happy to offer Finacle on Cloud, as an adaptive solution to give banks the leverage to innovate and transform.”

Venkatramana Gosavi, senior vice president and head growth markets, Infosys Finacle said: “Increasingly banks will need to adopt flexible cloud deployment strategies, so that they can manage the growing banking transactions load from digital age channels, even while reining in technology management costs. The cloud play is a game changer to improve cost efficiency and agility. We are happy to see CWG take the lead in helping Nigerian financial institutions of all sizes, begin their cloud journey with confidence, with the benefit of the proven Finacle solution”.

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