Commercial Hotel Door Locks

Commercial Hotel Door Locks

Commercial Hotel Door Locks

A commercial hotel door lock is the tool of choice for hotels and resorts to secure their entryways. They are often used in high-traffic areas such as the lobby, pool or fitness area to prevent unwanted guests from entering. A commercial hotel door lock system can also help deter vandalism by securing all entry points into your hotel building. We would be looking at the best commercial hotel locks from the top players in the industry such as Pulmos.

What is a Commercial Hotel Door Lock?

A commercial hotel door lock is a locking device that’s installed on the exterior side of an entry door. The lock is usually made up of a cylinder, along with a bolt and strike plate. When correctly installed, this hardware will provide protection against unauthorized access to rooms in commercial hotels. The main purpose of this type of lock is to keep people out of your room while you’re staying in a hotel (or other types of lodging). This exclusive feature helps ensure that only authorized individuals can enter an occupied space, thus improving safety for both guests and employees alike. Commercial Hotel Door Locks are also very popular with homeowners who want to make sure that their home stays secure when they’re away from it for extended periods (e.g., vacationing).

Why Use a Commercial Hotel Door Lock System?

There are several reasons why you should use commercial hotel door locks including:

Security: A commercial hotel door lock system is an effective way to maintain the security of your property. It can be used as a layer of protection for the exterior doors, which may not have any other type of lock installed. It is important that you choose a strong and durable lock that will keep intruders out when they try to force their way through the door or window.

Commercial Hotel Door Locks

Safety: You want to ensure that guests feel safe staying at your hotel, so it’s important that you take every precaution necessary to protect them from harm. A commercial hotel door lock system can help keep people out if there are any issues with one of your staff members causing problems for visitors on site.

Convenience: Your guests expect convenience around the clock while they’re staying at your establishment; this means having enough space in rooms where they’ll be spending most of their time during visits (e.g., kitchens), as well as being able to move freely throughout public areas such as hallways without feeling crowded by other people who might be moving about simultaneously. This you will find in the commercial locks provided by Pulmos.

Best Commercial Hotel Door Locks

There are a plethora of commercial Hotel door lock systems available for use as offered by Pulmos and several other players in the industry, the best of them include:

Smart Door Lock YQ001

The Smart Door Lock YQ001 is a simple and effective electronic door lock that can be easily installed on the door frame of your hotel. The lock is easy to operate, program, maintain and integrate into your existing security system. It will give you peace of mind when you go home at night knowing that your hotel guests and staff are locked safely inside the building. This lock is a keyless door lock with the latest hotel door lock technology. This product has been tested extensively and proven to be reliable in almost any weather condition or orientation it is installed in. angst this hotel door lock at Pulmos.


The PLS-506-HOTEL-LOCK-SYSTEM is a smart lock that you can use to replace the existing locks on your hotel doors. It comes with a built-in self error detection system that auto corrects, and the door lock also has an emergency system that overrides the computer when needed for emergency exiting. The door lock also features an auto lock function, which will automatically lock the door after 10 seconds of closing it.

You can override this feature by engaging the override button on the keypad when closing the door manually while still in possession of your keycard or registered mobile phone with Bluetooth enabled device like iPhone or Android phone. The PLS-506-HOTEL-LOCK-SYSTEM uses an OEM technology locking system as well as biometric fingerprint scanning capabilities so that only authorized people are able to access rooms at all times while providing peace of mind for management staff who want to ensure their guests’ safety and security. You can get this lock on Pulmos.

Hotel Lock P06

Hotel Lock P06 is a hotel lock mechanism that is used in hotels. It features a compact design and is easy to use, which allows it to be installed easily and quickly. This lock is a keyless fingerprint hotel lock type that guarantees security. This lock has been designed with the latest technology and has the ability to work even after heavy usage due to its durable construction. This product has been made using high-quality material that makes it rustproof and corrosion resistant so it will last long without any problem at all. You can get this hotel lock on Pulmos.


If you’re looking for a lock that is high quality and durable, your best bet is the Pulmos commercial hotel door lock. You can find this lock online on the website of Pulmos or at any hardware store. This Pulmos commercial hotel door lock is easy to install and will keep your guests safe from intruders. The lock comes with all the necessary hardware you need to install it on your doors quickly and easily, the hotel door is a keyless type with the OEM locking system.


The PLS-5000 Hotel-Door Lock System is a hotel door lock system with an electronic card opening. The PLS-5000 is ideal for use in hotels, motels, dormitories or any other building where access control is needed. The PLS-5000 can be used to restrict access to desired areas of your facility to keep unauthorised individuals out through the use of this hotel door lock system. This hotel door lock system is a keyless type of door like many others available on Pulmos where you can get this lock to buy.


As you can see, there are many options for commercial hotel door locks that have the ability to protect your business and keep your guests safe, you can get any of these listed commercial hotel doors and more on Pulmos. When choosing the right one for your needs, it’s important to consider what kind of doors your hotel needs for protecting as well as how many people will be using them. All the doors we have examined work perfectly with door automation systems.


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