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The Spirit Life Conference themed: “Great Grace” started on the 5th of September and ended on the 9th. The five days conference had top speakers including Bishop Mike Okonkwo, Pastor Ransom Bello, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, Pastor Creflo Dollar and the Convener of the Conference and Senior Pastor of House On The Rock, Paul Adefarasin.

Spirit Life Conference 2018 kicked off with Bishop Mike Okonkwo. He spoke on “Grace The Teacher”. According to him, we operate at our full capacity when we yield to God’s Grace because Grace brings ease in our service to God. He emphatically stated that we have all things already in Christ and we should stop asking for what we have been freely given.

 Paul Adefarasin hosts Creflo Dollar, others at the Spirit-Life Conference

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, the second speaker, spoke on “Lifted By The Covenant of Grace.” He talked on why Grace is offensive to the devil because the enemy wants you thinking that you are your own source rather than believing and receiving all that Jesus has already done.

Day Two of the conference featured Bishop Ransom Bello as he shared on “Heaven Is A Gift, Not A Reward.”  According to him, it is either Grace or Law; there is no middle ground. He made a case for the proper delineation and appropriation of the Law and Grace which many pulpits have done in error.

The Senior Pastor of House On The Rock, Paul Adefarasin was the second speaker for Day 2. He spoke strongly against mixing both messages (Law and Grace). “The Law is all about works; it makes you a slave. True grace empowers us to lead righteous lives.”

creflo dollars

The Senior Pastor of World Changers Church, New York, USA – Dr Creflo Dollar was the speaker for Day Three, and he shared on “Living Under The Correct Covenant”. He said that each covenant has Benefits – The Blessing, Beneficiary – You and the Benefactor – God. He reminded us that the Law was between God and the Jews – which we were not a party to.

He continued on Day Four by expounding the respective roles of Faith and Grace in our lives. “Grace makes while Faith takes. Faith can only take what Grace has made available!” He further described Grace as not just a teaching but a Person – Jesus!

 Paul Adefarasin hosts Creflo Dollar, others at the Spirit-Life Conference

The final day of the conference was the Super Celebration Service on Sunday 9th September 2018. Dr Creflo Dollar continues with “No More Self Righteousness”. He admonished the church to believe correctly and deduce their identity from their belief rather than their behaviour. He summed up his thoughts by stating that the most important thing for a person to do is to get born again and the most crucial thing a born-again person can do is to renew the mind continually.

Throughout the Conference, Music Ministration was led by Vicki Yohe, Sammie Okposo, Glowreeyah Braimoh and Pastor Donnie McClurkin, which was rounded up with a stellar concert immediately following the Super Celebration Service.

Paul Adefarasin of House On The Rock Church to preach in London

Paul Adefarasin of House On The Rock Church to preach in London

Pastor Paul Adefarasin, the senior pastor of Lagos based House On The Rock Church, took to social media to announce that he will be delivering a sermon in London this coming Sunday. The message, titled “The Quest For Joy” will be given by the pastor at the House Of The Rock London branch at The Rock Tower, 49, Tufnell Park Road.

About Pastor Paul Adefarasin

From his mother’s living room in Lagos, Paul Adefarasin established House On The Rock Church in 1994 with just a few attendees. Proof of his calling is that the living room church has blossomed into a Ministry that has over 50 daughter churches in Africa and Europe. A well-known mentee of Bishop T.D. Jakes, Pastor Paul has been fervent in his message of hope to the world and especially the African continent where he resides. He is also the Founder and President of the Rock Foundation; a charity based Organization committed to social reformation, education, provision of healthcare and relief work for ex-convicts, drug addicts, and the downtrodden and disadvantaged in Nigeria and West Africa.

Pastor Paul Adefarasin’s capacity to teach, speak and preach from a personal and theological platform has strengthened and encouraged people all over the world. The Ministry promotes reconciliation, redemption and reformation cutting across denominational and social divides. He has a burning passion for seeing the rehabilitation of his generation, his nation and his continent.

“Our vision is to be the voice of excellence, the hand of power and a bridge of hope. We believe in the power of God to change lives and value the practical application of His Word to make a difference in who we are and what we do. Believing and obeying His Word leads us to a discovery of real life and a hope for eternity; this is what the Bible teaches us, that Jesus Christ came as God’s gift to the world with a message of Good News.”


Pastor Paul and pastor Ifeanyi have been happily married since 1995.

NYSC gets seven-day ultimatum to clarify Adeosun’s certificate forgery claim

Socio – Economic Rights and Accountability Project ( SERAP ) has given National Youth Service Corps ( NYSC ) seven days to clarify its exemption certificate forgery allegations leveled against Nigeria ’ s finance minster , Kemi Adeosun .
An online newspaper , Premium Times earlier claimed the minister forged her NYSC exemption certificate . But the minister is yet to respond to the certificate forgery allegation .
SERAP in a freedom of information request to NYSC Director – General , Brigadier – General Sule Kazaure demands he “ use his good offices and leadership position to urgently provide information on specific details and documents on the Exemption Certificate granted to the Minister of Finance , Mrs . Kemi Adeosun ” .
It also ask NYSC “ to provide information and documents on whether Mrs Adeosun applied for NYSC Exemption Certificate , and if she did, to clarify whether the NYSC actually granted her the Exemption Certificate , the circumstances and the provisions of the NYSC Act under which the Exemption Certificate was granted ” .
While stating the need of providing the information to determine whether forgery has was committed , SERAP urged the Nigeria’ s justice minister Abubakar Malami ( SAN) , to pursue prosecution or invite a private prosecution to step into the matter .
“ By providing information and documents on the Exemption Certificate , the NYSC would help put an end to any insinuation of complicity and show that the institution can embrace transparency and accountability in the discharge of its statutory mandates . This would in turn contribute to improved integrity and public image of the NYSC . ”
“ This will be one step in the right direction . If the information is not provided to us within 7 days of the receipt and /or publication of this letter , the Registered Trustees of SERAP shall take all appropriate legal actions under the Freedom of Information Act to compel you to comply with our request , ” SERAP Deputy Director, Timothy Adewale said in the FOI request.
However SERAP said Adeosun remains innocent until the allegations against her are properly tested and proven beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of competent jurisdiction based on relevant admissible evidence .
It added that the continuing silence by the NYSC management on the matter may create an impression that an offence may have been committed , and lead to accusation that the management has something to hide .