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Diamond Bank is one of the leading banks in Nigeria – driven by innovation and operating on the most advanced banking technology platform in the market.


The World Corporate Banking Division focuses on the development and management of business relationships with multinational and local large corporations in the manufacturing, oil and gas, and specialized industries.

The Division is building its business on a clear understanding of clients’ business operations and requirements, and is driven by innovative thinking to guarantee the provision of creative solutions to its clients’ business problems.

The objective is to establish strong and enduring relationships.


Our Public Sector services are directed mainly at meeting specific needs of Federal and State Governments and their institutions and agencies.

We have a dedicated team of bankers with specialized skills in public sector finance to manage relationships.

The service offering includes current (expenditure) account services, revenue collection and management services, privatization, project management, management and payment of pensions, letters of credit for public enterprise/ministries, and government contract financing.

For further enquiries about our Public Sector Services, please email


The Treasury & Financial Institutions Division is made up of the Treasury and the Financial Institutions Groups. The Treasury Group is segmented into the dealing teams and the Assets & Liabilities Management team. The Dealers are responsible for the Bank’s trading activities in the money, fixed income and foreign exchange markets thus adding to the Bank’s overall profitability. The team is broadly organized along these functional lines:


  1. Fixed Income Desk – is charged with trading in securities for arbitrage as well as being responsible for the building the Bank’s investment book. They also execute client deals in the fixed income market. The desk comprise of experienced traders who focus in different segments of the fixed income market, covering bonds and  treasury bills  and  trade actively in both the secondary and primary markets having been appointed one of the local Primary Dealer Market Makers (PDMM) by the Debt Management Office (DMO).
  2. Money Market Desk –This comprises of both Treasury bills investment/trading and local currency funding/liquidity management sub-units. This is the Bank’s primary funding and liquidity management desk; focused on funding the Bank on daily basis, managing its liquidity efficiently and profitably, as well as investing its excess cash for maximum profit in the local interbank market and also building the Banks investment books. The desk also engages in arbitrage trading for profit purposes.
  3. Foreign Exchange Desk –  engages in the purchase and sale of foreign exchange with a view to making profits as well as ensuring that all customers’ foreign exchange demands are met and at the best offer price, as it has been shown that customer driven forex demand has very significant multiplier effect on the Bank’s overall business. The desk is further divided into three sub-desks:
  4. The Assets & Liabilities Management (ALM) team – the ALM team is responsible for developing and managing the framework for measuring, monitoring, reporting the constitution of the balance sheet and impact of same on the Bank’s profitability. The ensure that the balance sheet develops and evolves as had been determined by the Board of Directors, who set risk factors and other balance sheet triggers.

In addition, the ALM team acts as the reporting arm of the Division, preparing the bi-weekly ALCO Reports and other daily, weekly, monthly and periodic financial and strategic reports, which provide effective and efficient tools for Management decision making.