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Diamond Bank is one of the leading banks in Nigeria – driven by innovation and operating on the most advanced banking technology platform in the market.


The Operations and Technology Division strives to ensure the provision of standardized, world-class services to all our customers in a very pleasant environment. To achieve this, the Division:

  • manages customer service delivery in the areas of cash lodgment and withdrawal, funds transfer, clearing services and other transaction processing services, in all our branches nationwide.
  • provides the banking technology and communication services to facilitate service delivery, transaction processing and information management.
  • provides the platform that drives our strategy in the areas of productivity improvement, electronic channels, and card processing.

Our state-of-the-art technology has made it possible for many customers who have depots and branches all over the country to transact their businesses with ease as well as enjoy adequate cash management servicesSome of the Division’s services, such as treasury operations and trade services, are centralized in the Head Office to enable the Bank and our customers enjoy the benefits of specialized expertise and facilities.

For further enquiries about our Operations and Technology department, please Tel. 234-1-27001500 Fax. 234-1-2619728


The Financial Institutions Group is responsible for managing the Bank’s relationships with herlocal non‑bank financial institutions (NBFIs) and international finance institutions (IFIs) and correspondent banks.

The Group is organized into five teams as follows:

  • Correspondent Banking
  • Insurance
  • Capital Markets
  • Banking Institutions
  • Pensions Funds Managers
  1. The Correspondent Banking Team: is responsible for managing relationships across the globe with international and developmental finance institutions and export credit agencies (ECAs) the Bank deals with. The team also looks after the Bank’s correspondent banking relationships, which are very important relationships to the Bank given her pre-eminence in trade finance and the role trade finance plays in the development of the national economy.
  2. The Insurance Team: is responsible for harnessing and maintaining relationships in the insurance sub-sector, which constitutes the buyers (parastatals, multinationals, health institutions, oil & gas companies, the transport industry and even individuals), the sellers (insurance companies and re-insurance companies)  and the agents (insurance brokers)  forming a synergy between this market, other strategic business units and the financial institutions group.
  3. The Capital Markets Team: is responsible for managing effective relationships between the Bank and her clients in both the primary and secondary markets for securities. Players in this market include finance companies, stock brokers, issuing houses, registrars and asset managers. The Bank offers funding and best-in-class cash management services to clients in this category towards mutually beneficial relationships.
  4. Banking Institutions Team: manages all institutions in the micro finance and the primary mortgage sub-sectors. The team maintains relationships that create outlets for the sub-sector players to process commercial banking transactions like cheque clearing, cash management, and ebanking transactions.
  5. Pensions Funds Manager Team: with about N3 trillion worth of pension assets under management in the country, the Bank thought the sector was significant enough to create a special team under the Financial Institutions Group to look after such clients’ needs. The team comprise staff that have had cognate dealing experience in the fixed income market, which is designed to ensure they provide the right type of advice to the clients’ in meeting their investment needs at all times.

For further enquiries about our Treasury & Financial Institutions Division, please email


The Retail Services Group has been established mainly to facilitate the provision of services that address some essential service needs of the Bank‘s various clients.

The Group’s responsibilities include the design and management of very strong electronic services delivery channels and consumer banking products/services.

The Group focuses on the provision of superior range of value-adding financial products and services that promote the achievement of a strong leadership position in consumer banking and the provision of electronic banking services.

For further enquiries about our Retail Services, please email