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Business Intelligence

To help increase customer profitability and achieve high performance in today’s marketplace, telecommunications and cable providers need richly detailed, 360-degree views of their customers—who they are, what they want and how they use the services they buy. That means being able to make sense of terabytes of customer data coming from more sources than ever before. In short, the challenge is to generate customer insight—leveraging advanced business intelligence and analytics capabilities—to operationalize customer centricity and help improve channel profitability. Companies need integrated views of their customers—the ability to see all the communications products and services that their customers use. Providers also must be able to analyze their product mix to assess the impact of new offerings on existing bundles. Many communications companies do not have in place, however, the analytics and business intelligence capabilities and tools that can provide a 360-degree view of consumers and enterprise customers, while also squeezing out all unnecessary costs. With better business intelligence capabilities based on advanced analytics and a powerful data warehouse, companies can tailor their offerings to their customers’ needs, shape demand and improve the value they derive from their diverse information assets.

A market leader in the fields of business intelligence, data warehousing and analytics, Accenture offers a comprehensive business intelligence solution that is helping clients around the world derive better business value from their customer information. This analytics-enabled solution supports companies in collecting and analyzing both internal and external data to create a more comprehensive picture of their customers—their interests, behaviors and decision-making processes.

The solution gives companies unprecedented visibility into their customers’ demographics, buying behaviors and usage patterns across product portfolios. Accenture’s powerful modeling capabilities enable marketers to experiment with different product mixes and quickly pinpoint those that generate the strongest revenue growth, highest margins and greatest customer loyalty. Accenture’s innovative and interactive dashboards provide real-time, easy-tounderstand displays of how decisions affect revenue streams and profitability.

Our business intelligence solution is based on several advanced and innovative assets:

• A convergent data warehouse delivering an integrated, 360-degree-view of customers and products across multiple key performance indicators and dimensions.

• A match-and-merge engine to identify customers who buy multiple products.

• Innovative models for demographics analysis and behavioral segmentation.

• A product mix analyzer that can identify opportunities to increase average revenue per user (ARPU) across different product mixes and bundles

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